It's Ladies Night at AMSOIL Speedway this Friday Night!

AMSOIL Speedway is pleased to announce we have three special Ladies for you to meet in this weeks installment of Meet A Driver. Pure Stock Drivers Shaina Rapp and Annika Hammitt, along with Modified Driver “Nitro” Nikki Wrazidlo!

Shaina started racing when she was 13 and now at the ripe age of 17 continues to race the familiar red 33(R) at both AMSOIL Speedway and Proctor Speedway. Shaina continues to improve her driving each year finishing 12th, 10th, and 9th in the points in respective years. In her young career Shaina has already notched a heat win in her belt and will give the boys the best run for their money every night. One thing Shaina wanted to say to everyone is; “If I had to tell people something, I would tell them that racing isn’t as easy as it looks!”

 Annika started racing at age 14, but was helping her older brother Matt in the pits at age 12. Annika earned rookie of the year that first year in Proctor and finished 10th in points. Now at age 17 Annika has a heat win under her belt and earned a 4th place feature finish at AMSOIL Speedway two weeks ago. Annika is lead by her Father Brian who insists she works on her own car in order to race that week. Annika is joined on the track by her Brothers Jon and Matt. Annika is also active outside the oval track playing Hockey, Tennis, Hunting and Fishing.

Nikki began racing 12 years ago after her father had a nasty accident at AMSOIL Speedway that left him unable to race. Nikki’s dad Paul built a go kart for his little girl in the shape of a Late Model with his familiar 69 car decals, and thus a race car driver was born. Nikki raced the local kart races for many years including at a track her father opened just outside Superior. Nikki moved into a winged outlaw sprint kart and also a micro sprint car along side her father. Nikki recalls fondly of those years racing with her dad as she says “The chopping and slide jobs were relentless!” At 16 Nikki moved into the WISSOTA Modified class, which she continues to race today. Nikki now at age 19 has competed in a relatively small number of Modified Races compared to her male colleagues along side her on the track but with the guidance of a strong family led by her father she is sure to be around for a long time to come.

 So there you have our AMSOIL Ladies Night Meet A Driver participants. Come out and join Shaina, Annika and Nikki and talk to these special women of racing. As you can see all of these young women have a great Family presence in racing. We hope to see all the young ladies