AMSOIL Speedway is pleased to announce that Josh Johnson has agreed to take part in a very special segment of Meet A Driver, which will include USAC Drivers!

Josh has been racing for five years in the Pure Stock Class, and jumped into a Late Model for a one time show in Proctor June 8th thanks to Tim Lillo. Josh was among the top 10 favorite drivers at AMSOIL Speedway last year, and was very proud to be mentioned with some of the distinguishing names. Josh is a very consistant runner up front securing a 4th place finish at the Northern Nationals in his first year. Josh also placed 3rd at the Pure Excitement at ABC Raceway in Ashland in his second year. Josh’s third year brought his fist Feature Victory along with the AMSOIL Speedway track Championship. Josh owes his success to his great Sponsors along with help from Tim Lillo and Nate Kiminski.

 Josh will be appearing at AMSOIL Speedway June 20th, along with the USAC Sprints. Other drivers anticipated to be up front for the Fans are Dave Darland, Jeff Pellersels, Jarett Andretti, and more. So come on out about 5:00 bring the kids and talk to Josh. This will be a very special evening with multiple cars appearing with Josh.