Skeeter Estey dominated the 20 lap affair which went flag to flag without a caution flag. Estey
began the race from the pole and took the lead with Jeff Klopstein, Deven VanHouse, Shane
Sabraski and Jesse Ogston trailing in the early going. Sabraski had qualified all three of his cars
for feature action and was looking to get another feature win for the weekend. Also Tim Johnson
was in action having qualified four cars for feature action. Estey had little trouble staying out
front as Sabraski slipped into second. It took little time for the ten lap half way mark to be
reached and the order stood at Estey with a commanding lead over Sabraski, VanHouse,
Klopstein along with Cole Spacek and Johnson in the top five. Sabraski was not able to make up
any ground on Estey and Estey rolled to an easy win. Johnson made his way past Klopstein into
third after a strong from the ninth row and VanHouse finished fifth.
     Next up it was 25 laps for the WISSOTA Super Stocks. This feature was destined to not go as
smoothly as the Midwest Modified one as three caution periods marred the action. The first half
of the event did go well as Curt Myers raced to the point from the outside of the front row but
had difficulty getting away from a tenacious Jim Campbell. Tim Johnson made his way past
Campbell and moved up to race side by side with Myers. Shane Sabraski joined the party from
the sixth row and, just before the half way point, Johnson made his move and took over the lead.
At he half way point Johnson held the lead over Myers, Kevin Eder, Sabraski, Brian Mikkonen
and Campbell. Johnson began to widen the distance ahead of Myers but the first of three caution
flags in the second half occurred when Andy LaBarge slowed and left the track. Johnson held
onto the lead at the restart over Myers and Joey Jensen. Myers moved alongside Johnson in an
attempt to take the lead but suddenly slowed off the pace and dropped into the pits. Joe Oliver
and Derek Vesel tangled on the back stretch just past the exit of turn two bringing out caution
flag number two. The restart came with five laps remaining but didn't last long as there was a
crash at the end of the back stretch involving several cars bringing out the final caution flag.
Johnson kept the lead on the restart and went on to win his fourth Northern Nationals Super
Stock title. S abraski, Jensen, Willie Johnsen and Nick Oreskovich were top five finishers.
     All 28 WISSOTA Late Models in attendance were scheduled for a 40 lap feature. Only Greg
Nippoldt who's car had suffered damage in a heat race incident was unable to start. The first
green flag laps saw mike Goodremote take the lead from the pole over Robby Bunkelman, Tim
Johnson, Darrell Nelson and Rick Hanestad. Aaron Lillo spun in turn one with two laps in the
books bringing out the first of three caution flags. Goodremote held onto the lead at the restart as
Nelson jumped to second over Bunkelman and Johnson. Nelson dogged the tire tracks of
Goodremote and went into the lead on lap seven. Again the caution flag flew when Todd Gehl's
car stalled in turn four. The restart attempt failed when several cars bumped on the back stretch,
Riley Matthews' car wiggled and Trevor Wilson spun to avoid him at the entrance to turn three.
Nelson had the lead at the restart over Goodremote, Hanestad, Bunkelman and Travis
Budiaslovich. With 22 laps remaining Nelson was eyeing up the back of the field looking for a
way past and was soon in heavy traffic as the half way point was reached. Hanestad closed on
Goodremote and took over second, meanwhile Nelson had cleared the heavy traffic and began to
pull out a huge lead of more than a straight away on his nearest rival. No caution flags meant no
chance for Goodremote or whomever was in second to track down Nelson. Hanestad again got by
Goodremote into second but Nelson was long gone and lapping up through the field. The victory
was Nelson's fourth Northern Nationals Late Model win. Budiaslovich, Zach Wohlers and
Goodremote finished in the top five.
     The 30 lap WISSOTA Modified feature got off to a bad start when the caution flag appeared
on the first lap when Nick Musel and Matt Leer tangled in turn two. Leer's race was over and
Musel was charged with the incident. The second attempt at a start saw pole sitter Jeff Tardy take
the lead over Kevin Eder with Bill Byholm, Al Uotinen and Shane Sabraski trailing. Another
quick caution flag appeared when Brandon Jensen's car suffered a breakdown, a broken drive
shaft in turn four. On the restart with eight laps in, Eder found grip on the high side and blew by
Tardy for the lead. Sabraski slipped into third while Tim Johnson and Jesse Glenz battled for
fourth and Steve Stuart and Curt Myers went at it for fifth. The half way point was quickly
reached with Eder firmly in control. At the two thirds mark, ten laps left, the third caution flag
flew when Tardy's engine blew spreading fluids into turn three. Stuart hit the fluid which sent
him into the third turn wall. The restart saw Eder continue in the lead but his rivals began to
encounter problems. During the caution period Johnson's car suffered a flat left rear tire and
Stuart's machine suffered a flat left rear tire. Neither driver returned. Eder held to the high side
on the restart while Sabraski desperately tried to get in position for a slide job in turns one and
two time and time again, but Eder was too strong and the high groove momentum gave him a
powerful run down the back stretch that kept him out front to the checkered flag. Sabraski settled
for second while Darrell Nelson who had started 17th got past Glenz to third while 22nd starting
Ashley Anderson made it into fifth place at the end. The win was the first Northern Nationals
feature win for Eder.
     The 25th Annual Northern Nationals finished up the two day run with 20 laps for the Pure
Stocks. All 31 cars on hand started the feature resulting in numerous caution flags at the start.
2013 track champion Mike Blevins drew the pole position and patiently waited out the caution
periods as officials began to reduce the number of laps. Blevins held onto the lead for the most
part, through six caution flags. Attrition played a part and when the number of cars left reached
21, things appeared to go smoother. Blevins led Chad Carlson and Steve Udeen along with Glenn
Dammer and Matt Hammitt. Carlson made a try for the lead but fell short and Blevins defended
his 2012 Northern Nationals Pure Stock title. Carlson. Dammer, Udeen and Matt Deragon
finished in the top five.
Results Day Two 25th Annual Northern Nationals AMSOIL Speedway.
WISSOTA Late Model (28 cars)
Feature: (40 laps) Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Rick Hanestad Boyceville, WI; Travis
Budiaslovich Minneapolis; Zach Wohlers Pengilly, MN; Mike Goodremote Sand Creek, WI;
John Henkemeyer Sauk Rapids, MN; Robby Bunkelman Abbotsford, WI; Cory Jorgenson
Hermantown; Chris Olson Hibbing; Corey Pope Marshfield, MO; Tim Johnson Brainerd, MN;
Terry Lillo Duluth; Roger Paolo Hibbing; Dave Esse Cloquet; Don Copp brule, WI; Gregg Hill
Eveleth; Todd Gehl Solon Springs, WI; Mark Heinle Wirt, MN; Scott Herrick Proctor; Aaron
Lillo Proctor; T.J. Adams Hayward, WI; Jim Morris Hibbing DNF: Harry Hanson Eveleth; Tim
McMann Duluth; Riley Matthews Thunder Bay, Ont; Trevor Wilson Superior; Kevin Carlson
Hermantown DNS; Greg Nippoldt Roberts, WI.
Heat 1: Bunkelman; Nelson; Wilson; Wohlers; McMann; Hill; Copp; Heinle; T. Lillo DNF:
Heat 2: Johnson; Budiaslovich; Hanestad; A. Lillo; Henkemeyer; Jorgenson; Adams; Morris
Heat 3: Goodremote; Hanson; Matthews; Pope; Olson; Carlson; Herick; Paolo; Esse
WISSOTA Modified (41 cars)
Feature (30 laps) Kevin Eder Ashland; Shane Sabraski Rice, MN; Darrell Nelson Hermantown;
Jesse Glenz Cadott, WI; Ashley Anderson Eau Claire, WI; Jeff Broking Grand Rapids; Kelly
Estey Kelly Lake; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Trent Follmer Princeton, MN; Curt Myers
Cameron, WI; Jared Loos Loyal, WI; Bill Byholm Glidden,WI; Al Uotinen Superior; Nick Musel
Duluth; Pat Cook Washburn, WI; Marc Damjanovich Hibbing DNF: Jeff Hart Hibbing; Tim
Johnson Brainerd; Steve Stuart Ashland; Brian Mikkonen Iron River; Jeff Tardy Hibbing; Destin
Lorimor Superior; Tim McMann Duluth; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Matt Leer bruce, WI
B Feature#1: Mikkonen; Hart; Bellefeuille; Estey; Neil Balduc Bessemer, MI; Rick Rivord
Superior; Sam Skalsky Hibbing; Ricky Roche International Falls, MN; Cody Wolkowski
Thunder Bay; Cory Sersha Eveleth DNF: Paul Niznik Medford, WI
B Feature #2: Anderson; Leer; Pat Hoffman Rice Lake; Ross Lightner Ashland; Jeff Lien, Jr
Mora; Jeff spacek Phillips, WI; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth DNF: Scott Hudack Ashland; Cory
Jorgenson Hermantown; Paul Schultz Grand Rapids; Rick Niemi Eveleth
Heat 1: Tardy; Myers; Loos; Rivord; Hoffman; Balduc; Bellefeuille DNF: Jorgenson
Heat 2: Uotinen; Glenz; Broking; Nelson; Niznik; Niemi; Schultz DNF: Estey
Heat 3: Eder; McMann; Musel; Follmer; Mikkonen; Lightner; Roche; Wolkowski
Heat 4; Byholm; Jensen; Stuart; VanHouse; Leer; Sersha; Hudack; Heikkinen
Heat 5: Sabraski; Johnson; Stuart; Cook; Hart; Spacek DNF: Skalsky; Lien
WISSOTA Super Stock (33 cars)
Feature : (25 laps) Tim Johnson Brainerd; Shane Sabraski Rice; Joey Jensen Stacey, MN; Willie
Johnsen Superior; Nick Oreskovich Mason, WI; Randy Spacek Phillips; Shane Kisling Sarona,
WI; Derek Vesel Hibbing; Donnie Lofdahl Duluth; Jim Campbell Two Harbors, MN; Andy
Grymala Superior; Shawn Polonoski Thunder Bay; Don Muzzy Ironwood, MI; Kevin Salin Iron,
MN DNF: Kevin Eder Ashland; Scott Lawrence Superior; Dave flynn Superior; Joe Oliver
Superior; Wayne Stricker Highbridge, WI; Brian Mikkonen Iron River; Curt Myers Cameron;
Andy LaBarge Keewatin, MN; Dexton Koch Rice  
B Feature: Kevin Burdick Proctor; Koch; Stricker; Grymala; Shawn McFadden, Jr. Ashland;
Dale Gangl East Bethel, MN; Dan Tocheri Kakabaka Falls, Ont; Keith Kern Superior DNF: Joe
Oliver Superior; Rick Simpson Thunder Bay; Dan Yrjanson carlton, MN; Pat Heikkinen eveleth;
DJ Keeler Superior
Heat 1: Johnson; Spacek; Lofdahl; Johnsen; Salin; Grymala; Oliver; Gangl; Tocheri
Heat 2: Jensen; Kintner; Vesel; Muzzy; Flynn; Koch; Heikkinen; Yrjanson
Heat 3: Myers; Eder; Sabraski; Lawrence; Kisling; Burdick; Keler; Kern
Heat 4: Campbell; Mikkonen; Oreskovich; LaBarge; Polonoski; McFadden; Stricker; Simpson
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (38 cars)
Feature (25 laps) Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake; Shane Sabraski Rice; Tim Johnson Brainerd; Jeff
Klopstein Tomahawk, WI; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Cole Spacek Phillips; Jesse Ogston
Duluth; Mack Estey Kelly Lake; Nick DaRonco Mountain Iron, MN; Cody Wolkowski Thunder
Bay; Jeff Lien, Jr. Mora; Brady Caul Fort Francis Ont; Dan Kingsley Superior; Paul Suzik
Ironwood; Rob Weber Ashland; Bill Matzdorf Grand rapids; Jake Gondik Foxboro; Don Craig
Thunder Bay; Rick Rivord Superior; Ross Fuhrman Ashland; Jamie Smart Kakabaka Falls;
Andrew Inman Hermantown; Matt Anderson Hibbing DNF: Tyler Luger Iron River DNS: Ryan
Adamzak Ashland
B Feature: M. Estey; Luger; Gondik; Fuhrman; Tanner Hicks Ashland; Cody carlson Superior;
Norm Anderson, Jr Duluth; Chris Bretting Washburn; Glenn Godin Murillo, Ont; Adam Shinn
Duluth DNF: Rick Przybylski Ashland; Tanner Byholm Glidden; Ken Tody Jr Ashland; Dan
Kingsley Superior; Greg Arnt North branch, MN: David Simpson Thunder Bay; Greg Chesley
Duluth DNS: Austin Blom Saginaw, MN
Heat 1: Klopstein; Ogston; Suzik; Smart; M. Anderson; Hicks; N. Anderson; Przybylski DNS:
Heat 2: VanHouse; Adamzak; Weber; Rivord; Johnson; Luger; Chesley; Bretting; Tody; Godin
Heat 3: S. Estey; Sabraski; Spacek; Wolkowski; Caul; Fuhrman; Carlson; Gondik; Kingsley
Heat 4: Lein, Jr; Matzdorf; DaRonco; A. Inman; Craig; Byholm; Simpson; Shinn; M. Estey
Pure Stock (31 cars)
Feature: (20 laps) Mike Blevins Hibbing; Chad Carlson Superior; Glenn Dammer Hermantown;
Steve Udeen Superior; Matt Deragon Ashland; Matt Hammitt Cloquet; Mkke sirois
Hermantown; Shaina Rapp Saginaw; A. Udeen Superior; Ryan Madsen South Range; Chad
Nikstad Superior; Vic Westerlund Hibbing; Lucas Carlson Cloquet; Keith Koski Chisholm, MN;
Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Travis Zembo Superior; Jim Cooper Superior; Brant Malo Superior;
Danny Vaughn Buhl, MN; Ken Hapy Duluth DNF: Jeff Christman Superior; Justin Madsen
Foxboro; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Tim Carlson Superior; Ryan Savoy Superior;Dustin Follett
Cloquet; Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Tim Baum Superior; Kenn tody, Jr. Ashland Terran Spacek
Heat 1: T. Spacek; S.Udeen; M. Hammitt; Cooper; Reynolds; Rapp; Malo; Zembo; T. Carlson
DNF: Baum
Heat 2; Follett; J. Madsen; C. Carlson; Sirois; Savoy; L. Carlson; Christman; Westerlund; Hapy
Heat 3; Blevins; Nikstad; Korte; R. Madsen; Dammer; J. Hammitt; Tody, Jr; Koski; Vaughn
DNF: A. Udeen