Chad Carlson of Superior was the winner in the 15 Lap Pure Stock main event, but just barely
as his car began to emit smoke on the final circuit and chugged to a halt off turn two requiring a
push to the scales and then to victory circle. Defending track champion Josh Johnson of Superior
lead early but cautions on the first and second laps kept the field close. Carlson had quickly
moved close to the front in the first couple of laps after starting in the sixth row and grabbed the
point after the second restart. He drove away to a huge lead over Johnson who had his hands full
with Ryan Savoy. Shaina Rapp ran fourth ahead of Gavin Campbell and Chad Nikstad. Carlson
needed all of his huge lead to take the win over Johnson, Rapp, Nikstad and Gavin Campbell.
Savoy dropped out in the final laps.
     Justin Bassa was the early leader in the 20 lap Midwest Modified feature. Three caution flags
slowed the action over the first part of the event.  Bassa was able to keep the lead after the first
caution until Dan Kingsley found a seam off turn two and shot past to the lead. The second
caution flag was for the #31 of Norm Anderson, Jr which erupted in a cloud of steam. Kingsley
was still in charge with four laps in but was feeling some pressure from first Deven VanHouse
and then Cody Wolkowski. Two laps later Don Craig was turned around in turn four for the final
caution flag. Kingsley held the lead at the green but Wolkowski went to the outside, a maneuver
that didn't work as VanHouse, Bassa and Ross Furhman went by him. With five laps remaining
Kingsley was in the lead but VanHouse was snapping at his heels. He was able to take the win
over VanHouse with Fuhrman and Wolkowski third and fourth. Jesse Ogston who had spent
some time in the work area early on, rebounded to finish fifth.
     The WISSOTA Super Stocks were set to go 20 laps in their feature event. Joe Oliver started
from the pole and quickly jumped to the lead over Shawn McFadden, Jr, Andy Davey and Shane
Kisling.  Further back Scott Lawrence and point leader Curt Myers battled. There was contact
and the result was a five car pile up in turn two. All but one was able to continue and Myers was
charged with the incident. The restart saw another caution flag right away as two cars collided at
the back of the pack in turn four. At the restart Oliver was still out in front but Davey charged
past and took over the point only to have another caution flag wave, again at the back of the
pack, the cause laid on John Toppozini. At the green with 14 laps to go, Davey raced out to a
huge lead over Oliver, McFadden and Scott Lawrence. Oliver quickly ate into that lead and went
back out in front with nine laps to go. McFadden was second and Lawrence third when a call for
debris on the track. The restart saw McFadden all over Oliver as he took the lead with seven to
go and just drove away from Oliver who, in turn, was passed by Lawrence for second. McFadden
went on to take the popular win over Lawrence, Oliver, Davey and Kevin Burdick.
Results Head of the Lakes Fair Races 8-16-13 (58 cars)
WISSOTA Super Stocks (26 cars)
Feature (20 laps) Shawn McFadden, Jr. Ashland; Scott Lawrence Superior; Joe Oliver Superior;
Andy Davey Hibbing, MN; Kevin Burdick Proctor, MN; Shawn Rivord South Range, WI; Nick
Oreskovich Mason, WI; Willie Johnsen, Jr Superior; Jim Campbell Two Harbors, MN; Pat
Heikkinen Eveleth, MN; Curt Myers Cameron, WI; Andy Grymala Superior; Don Muzzy
Ashland; Ronnie Malecki Superior; Donnie Lofdahl Duluth; Tristan LaBarge Kelly Lake, MN;
Keith Kern Superior; Dan Tocheri Kakabecka Falls, Ont; DJ Keeler Superior; Brian Carl
Superior DNF: Dan Yrjanson Carlton, MN; Shane Kisling Sarona, WI; John Toppozini Thunder
Bay, Ont; Rick Simpson Thunder Bay; Dexton Koch Rice, MN DNS: Dave Flynn Superior  
Heat 1: (8 laps) Oliver; Myers; McFadden; Johnsen; Koch; Grymala; Muzzy; Lofdahl DNF:
Heat 2: (8 laps) Oreskovich; Rivord; Kisling; Heikkinen; Burdick; Malecki; LaBarge; Keeler
DNF Flynn
Heat 3: (8 laps) Lawrence; Myers; Campbell; Tocheri; Carl; Toppozini; Yrjanson DNF: Kern
WISSOTA Midwest Modified (18 Cars)
Feature (20 Laps) Dan Kingsley Superior; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Ross Fuhrman Ashland;
Cody Wolkowski Thunder Bay; Jesse Ogston Duluth; Ricky Davis bruno, MN; Rick Rivord
Superior; David Simpson Thunder Bay; Don Craig Thunder Bay; Tyler Luger Iron River, WI;
Chris Bretting Washburn, WI; Jason Goldfine Superior; Jake Gondik Foxboro DNF: Justin Bassa
Hermantown; Cody Carlson Superior; Norm Anderson, Jr Duluth; Ross Siiter Duluth; Adam
Shinn Duluth
Heat 1: (8 laps) Kingsley; Siiter; Rivord; Luger; Simpson; Anderson
Heat 2: (8 laps) Wolkowski; Gondik; Craig; Davis; Ogston DNF: Carlson
Heat 3: (8 laps) VanHouse; Bassa; Fuhrman; Goldfine; Bretting; Shinn
Pure Stock (14 cars)
Feature (15 laps) Chad Carlson Superior; Josh Johnson Superior; Shaina Rapp Saginaw, MN;
Chad Nikstad Superior; Gavin Campbell Duluth; Jim Cooper Superior; Maurice Campbell
Duluth; Rita Anderson South Range; Ryan Madsen South Range; Justin Madsen Foxboro DNF:
Ryan Savoy Superior; Zene Anderson Superior; Tim Carlson Superior DNS: Tim Baum Superior
Heat 1: (8 laps) J. Madsen; Savoy; T. Carlson; M. Campbell; Rapp DNF: C. Carlson; G.
Heat 2: (8 laps) Johnson; R. Madsen; Cooper; R. Anderson DNF: Z. Anderson; Baum DNS:
Chad Nikstad