Hermantown's Darrell Nelson also started in the third row in the 20 lap Modified main event
and worked his way forward into second place behind race long leader Deven VanHouse of
Silver Bay. Just past half way with nine laps remaining, Nelson and VanHouse Battled side by
side with Nelson finally gaining the advantage for the win and the sweep.
     Zach Wohlers of Pengilly, MN got the jump from the pole in the 25 lap WISSOTA Late
Model feature and kept the point as the race went non stopped to just past the mid point when a
caution flag for debris on the back stretch erased Wohlers' huge lead. On the Restart, he was
overwhelmed as Kyle Peterlin and Tod Gehl got by followed by Darrell Nelson dropping him
back to fourth. Nelson and Peterlin then put on a stirring battle for the lead with Peterlin edging
ahead. Peterlin held off Nelson for the win becoming the first repeat winner in the division in the
2013 season.

Results Head of the Lakes fair Races Night one. (Three divisions, 53 cars)
WISSOTA Late Model (18 cars)
Feature (25 laps) Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Todd Gehl Solon Springs;
Zach Wohlers Pengilly; Pat Doar New Richmond, WI; Chris Olson Hibbing; Riley Matthews
Thunder Bay, Ont; Aaron Lillo Duluth; Gregg Hill Eveleth, MN; Trevor Wilson Superior; T. J.
Adams Hayward, WI; Cory Jorgenson Hermantown; Tim Lillo Superior DNF: Don Copp brule,
WI; Dave Esse Cloquet, MN; Kevin Carlson Hermantown DNS: Robbie Cooper; Terry Lillo.
Heat 1: (10 laps) Doar; Gehl; Peterlin; Matthews; Wilson DNF: A. Lillo
Heat 2: (10 laps) Copp; Wohlers;; Adams; Jorgenson; Esse; Tim Lillo
Heat 3: (10 laps) Nelson; Olson; Hill; Carlson; Cooper DNS: Terry Lillo

WISSOTA Modified (18 cars)
Feature (20 laps) Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Al Uotinen
Superior; Destin Lorimor Superior; Kelly Estey Kelly Lake, MN; Matt Leer Bruce, WI; Curt
Myers Cameron, WI; Jeff Broking Grand Rapids, MN; Scott Hudack Ashland, WI; Cory
Jorgenson Hermantown; Brian Mikkonen Iron River, WI; Scott Heikkinen Eveleth; Paul Niznik
Stratford, WI; Rick Rivord Superior; Pat Cook washburn, WI; Rick Cannata Hibbing DNF: Neil
Balduc Bessemeer, MI; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth
Heat 1: (10 laps) Nelson; Estey; Leer; Rivord; Balduc; Bellefeuille
Heat 2: (10 laps) Hudack; Jorgenson; Uotinen; Cannata; Broking; Cook
Heat 3: (10 laps) Mikkonen; Lorimor; VanHouse; Heikkinen; Niznik DNF: Myers
Pure Stocks (17 cars)
Feature (15 laps) Mike Blevins Hibbing; Ryan Savoy Superior; Steve Udeen Superior; Justin
Madsen Foxboro, WI; Chad Nikstad Superior; Lucas Carlson Cloquet; Josh Johnson Superior;
Gavin Campbell Duluth; Ryan Madsen South Range, WI; Jim Cooper Superior; Shaina Rapp
Saginaw, MN: Maurice Campbell Duluth DNF: Andy Udeen Superior; Kodi Oliver Superior;
Gary Campbell Duluth; Glenn Dammer Hermantown DNS: Caitlyn Carlson Superior
Heat 1: (8 laps) S. Udeen; J. Madsen; J. Johnson; Cooper; R. Madsen; Al McDougall Proctor
Heat 2: (8 laps) Blevins; Nikstad; M. Campbell; Rapp DNF: C. Carlson
Heat 3: 98 laps) A. Udeen; L. Carlson; Savoy; G. Campbell; Dammer