Officials changed the order for the three feature events as a chance of rain

threatened but never materialized. The WoO fifty lapper was run first with a multi

car crash on the front stretch at the green flag that involved at least seven cars

bringing out the red flag. Todd Gehl, Roger Paolo, Josh Richards who was

scheduled to start 12th but was sent to the rear for changing a tire after the car was

presented for the line up, a violation of WoO rules, Travis Budiaslovich and

Trevor Wilson were all involved as well as Zach Wohlers, Terry Lillo and Aaron

Lillo. Richards would return in a quest for points but would complete only 34


17 cars restarted after the debris was cleaned up and McCreadie and Tim Fuller

led the truncated field to the green flag. Fuller grabbed the early lead over

McCreadie ad 2012 champion Darrell Lannigan slipped into third ahead of Chub

Frank with Eckert in fifth. McCreadie wasted little time taking over the top spot

and quickly moved out to a ten car length bulge over Fuller. What would prove to

be the only caution flag of the event came when Zach Wholers, who had managed

to come out of the first lap incident relatively unscathed, slowed in turns three and

four. On the restart with McCreadie still in command, Lannigan got around Fuller

into second. Eckert ran in fourth ahead of Frank, Bub McCool and Jeff

Provinzino. As the laps went by the groove seemed to widen somewhat and

drivers began to move up the track in search of traction. At the 25 lap mid point

the order stood at McCreadie, Lannigan, Eckert, Fuller and Frank in the top five

with Brady Smith, McCool, Shane Clanton, Provinzino and 2012 Rookie of the

Year Pat Doar in the top ten. McCreadie began to lap cars and Lannigan closed to

within four car lengths of the leader. Brady Smith moved into the top five as

Eckert got around Lannigan into second with seven laps remaining. McCreadie

cruised to his fourth win of 2013.

Two dozen cars answered the call for the 15 lap WISSOTA Midwest Modified

feature which got off to a rough start when Don Craig and Rick Przybylski tangled

on the front stretch. After the cars were pried apart there were still 15 laps to go.

As the pack boiled around the fourth turn on the restart, veteran Bill Matzdorf

sneaked down low and emerged with the lead but further back in the pack Chris

Bretting got turned around with four other cars involved to bring out the caution,

still with no laps counted. Just at the restart Przybylski returned after repairs on the

#P1. 21 cars answered the restart green flag and this time Lance Solem came out

of the pack with the lead ahead of Dale Soumala, Matzdorf and Deven VanHouse.

Danny Vang appeared in second as Dan Kingsley moved into fourth and Jesse

Ogston took over fifth. Vang charged past Solem to the lead while Cody

Wolkowski was making his move toward the front past Ogston into fifth after

starting 11th. Once Vang got out front he quickly expanded his lead and it became

his race to win or lose as it became a seven car race for second place. Second place

contenders could be covered with the proverbial blanket as the competition was

fierce. At the checkered flag Vang had nearly half a lap on his nearest competitor

who turned out to be Kingsley in second. VanHouse, Matzdorf and Wolkowski

finished in the top five.

It was a special night for the Pure Stocks as it was the third annual Pure

Adrenaline Pure Stock event with $500 going to the winner. 37 cars showed up for

the race as four heat races and a B Feature would settle who would make the 25

car 25 lap main event. Craig Horak who had won the 2012 edition of the event led

the field to the green flag and took the lead with outside front row starter Chad

Carlson falling in behind. Dustin Follett the winner of the first Pure Adrenaline

event in 2011 ran third with Mike Sirois, Matt Hammitt and Mike Blevins close

behind. Blevins had Glenn Dammer and Sirois trying for fifth and Dammer was

able to squeak by into the top five. Dammer the battled with Hammitt and took

over fourth. Carlson got by Horak for the lead but Horak came back and regained

the point as the racing was tight. Follett got by Carlson for second battled side by

side with Horak and made the pass with 15 laps in the books and ten to go. The

first caution flag of the event flew when Blevins lost a right rear wheel. The old

saying goes "cautions breed cautions" and this "old saw" proved to be true as there

were six caution flags in the last ten laps. After the Blevins incident, a lap later

Carlson's car stopped in turn four. At the same time things went south for Follett

who left the track with a flat tire while leading. At the restart Horak inherited the

lead dogged by Dammer who, in turn, was hounded by Esten Nelson who had

started 15th and was now third. Chad Nikstad and Matt Hammitt were the top five.

There were still ten laps to go. Another caution flag appeared when Gary

Campbell was turned around in turn four and Sirois exited the track. As the race

went under the green again, the car of Justin Madsen died in turn four. In a show

of sportsmanship, Horak pushed Madsen into the infield before wreckers could

arrive. Once again there was an attempt to get going this time with three circuits

remaining, Maurice Campbell took a spin in turn four bringing out another caution

flag. Horak finally managed to go the rest of the way to the checkered flag with no

further delays. Nelson finished in second as the two friends from Grand Marais,

MN took home the big money with top two finishes. Dammer, Ryan Savoy and

Mark Korte who had taken the green flag in 10th rounded out the top five.

Results AMSOIL Speedway World of Outlaws Late Models (27 cars)

Feature (money won) Tim McCreadie Watertown, NY ($10,650); Rick Eckert

York Penn. ($5,700); Darrell Lannigan ($3,650); Chub Frank ($3,050); Brady

Smith Solon Springs, WI ($2,000); Tim Fuller ($2,200); Shane Clanton ($1,950);

Bub McCool ($1,950); Jeff Provinzino Hibbing, MN ($1,750); Eric Wells

($1,900); Morgan Bagley ($1,600); Clint Smith ($1,550); Pat Doar New richmond,

WI ($1,000); Harry Hanson Eveleth, MN ($900); Josh Richards ($1,500); Tim

McMann Duluth ($850); Zach Wohlers Hibbing ($770); Chris Olson Hibbing

($800); Trevor Wilson Superior ($700); Terry Lillo Superior ($700); Travis

Budiaslovich Cottage Grove, MN ($700); Aaron Lillo Duluth ($700); Roger Paolo

Hibbing $725): Todd Gehl Solon Springs ($700) Fast time: Rick Eckert 16.533


Last Chance Showdown (12 laps) (Top five to Feature) Wells; Wohlers; Olson; A.

Lillo; Gehl; Cory Jorgenson Hermantown, MN; Paolo; Gregg Hill Eveleth; T.


Heat 1 (10 laps)

Eckert; McCreadie; Provinzino; Clanton; McMann; Wilson; Wells; A. Lillo DNF


Heat 2 (10 laps) Fuller; B. Smith; McCool; C. Smith; Bagley; Y. Lillo; Wohlers;

Gregg Hill

Heat 3 (10 laps) Frank; Lannigan; Doar; Richards; Hanson; budiaslovich;

Jorgenson; Paolo; Tim Lillo

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (27 cars)

Feature (15 laps) Danny Vang Brainerd, MN; Dan Kingsley Superior; Deven

VanHouse Silver Bay, MN; Bill Matzdorf Grand Rapids, MN; Cody Wolkowski

Thunder Bay; Jesse Ogston Duluth; Tyler Luger Iron River, WI; Dale Soumala

Hermantown; Taylor Leuthner Superior; Rick Przybylski Ashland, WI; Andrew

Inman Hermantown; Dan Wilson Hibbing; Cody Carlson Superior; Norm

Anderson Duluth; Jake Gondik Foxboro, WI DNF: Willy Thompson Hibbing;

Justin Bassa hermantown; Jason Goldfine Superior; Ricky Davis Bruno, MN; Don

Craig Thunder Bay; Jamie Smart Kakabeka Falls, ONT; Jeff Forseen Mountain

Iron, MN; Glenn Godin Murillo, ONT; Chris Bretting Washburn, WI DNS: Adam

Shinn Duluth; David Simpson Thunder Bay

Heat 1 (8 laps) Ogston; Kingsley; Suomala; Gondik; Bretting; Craig; Godin DNF:


Heat 2 (8 laps) VanHouse; Vang; Matzdorf; Wolkowski; Bassa; Przybylski;

Carlson DNF: Shinn; Thompson

Heat 3 (8 laps) Davis; Solem; Inman; Luger; Forseen; Simpson; Wilson; Smart;


Pure Adrenaline Pure Stocks (37 cars)

Feature Craig Horak Grand Marais; Esten nelson Grand Marais; Glenn Dammer

Hermantown; Ryan Savoy Superior; Mark Korte Duluth; Matt Hammitt Cloquet,

MN; Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Lucas Carlson Cloquet; Anzdy Udeen Superior; Jim

Cooper Superior; Brett Leino Moose Lake, MN; Shaina Rapp Saginaw, MN;

Travis Zembo Superior; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Keith Koski Chisholm, MN;

Maurice Campbell Duluth DNF: Chad Nikstad Superior; Justin Madsen Foxboro;

Gary Campbell Duluth; Mike Sirois Hermantown; Mike Blevins Hibbing; Dustin

Follett Cloquet; Chad Carlson Superior; Steve Udeen Superior; Derek Ament


B Feature Zembo; Carlson; B Leino; M. Campbell; Zene Anderson Superior; Matt

Deragon Ashland; Andy Leino Barnum DNS: Ryan Madsen South Range, WI;

Devin Reynolds Cloquet; Ken Tody, Jr. Ashland; Gavin Campbell Duluth; Jeff

Christman Superior; Brandle Pupp Ashland

Heat 1 (8 laps) Blevins; Horak; Cooper; Rapp; G. Campbell; Zembo; R. Madsen

DNF: Pupp; M. Campbell; Deragon

Heat 2 (8 laps ) Follett; J. Hammitt; Korte; Koski; J. Madsen; Z. Anderson; B.

Leino; Ament DNF: G. Campbell

Heat 3 (8 laps) Dammer; M. Hammitt; A. Udeen; E. Nelson; Savoy; L. Carlson

DNF: Sorenson; A. Lleino; J. Johnson

Heat 4 (8 laps) Sirois; C. Carlson; Nikstad; S. Udeen; A. Hammitt; R. Anderson;

Reynolds DNF Christman; Tody.