By Jerry O'Brien 6-7-13

Darrell Nelson's early season roll continued Friday night June 7th at AMSOIL

Speedway's opening night. Nelson dominated both the Late Model and Modified

portion of the show with heat wins in both divisions but missed the Late Model

win finishing second to Zach Wohlers.

A total of 95 cars competed in the opening program including 20 Midwest

Modfiieds, 21 Super Stocks, 17 Late Models, 16 Modifieds and 21 Pure Stocks.

Feature action began with a bang and a flare of fire as a nasty wreck occurred

in the Midwest Modified 15 lap feature. During the tangle that involved nine cars,

the #91 of Paul Stusic flipped wildly landing on it's roof and David Simpson's

#70Jr burst into flames. The flames were extinguished and Stusic's car was gently

rolled onto it's wheels. Both drivers were unhurt in the mele' but Dan Doran was

taken to the ambulance complaining of lower leg pain.

After the mess was cleaned up there were 14 of the original 20 starters to

continue. At the green flag for t he restart Don Craig took the #47 to the point

leading Dan Kingsley, Jason Goldfine, Brady Caul and Lance Solem. Cody

Wolkowski slashed his way through the pack after originally starting 19th and soon

appeared in fourth. Kingsley made the pass on Craig for the point as Wolkowski

continued his charge making his way to second as the half way point was quickly

reached and was stalking Kingsley when the caution flag appeared for a Brady

Caul spin in turn two. Wolkowski got the jump on Kingsley in the subsequent

restart and led Kingsley, Solem, Deven VanHouse and Cody Carlson with seven

circuits remaining. Kingsley and Wolkowski battled tooth and nail with

Wolkowski prevailing. The front duo widened a huge gap over third and Kingsley

managed to retake the lead and recorded his first career Midwest Modified feature

win at his home track. Wolkowski, Solem, Craig and 15th starting Dale Soumala

finished in the top five.

Next up it was a 20 lap go for the WISSOTA Super Stocks which saw a six car

pileup in the first turn on the first lap. At the restart fourth starting Scott Lawrence

grabbed the lead and the defending track champion began to move away from the

pack. Dave Flynn ran second and tried to run down the leader bu to no avail as

Kevin Burdick and Andy LaBarge battled for third. They were soon joined by Joe

Oliver who wasted little time taking over third, tracked down Flynn and moved

into second. Lawrence expanded his lead but something broke on the #77.

Apparently whatever was left on the track did serious damage to Oliver's 5x which

spun in a cloud of smoke. Both drivers were out of the event leaving Flynn in

charge at the head of the field. The restart came with 13 laps remaining for Flynn

who was briefly shadowed by Donnie Lofdahl who had started 18th. Shawn rivord

took over second from Lofdahl and Burdick also got past. Andy Davey, Nick

Oreskovich and Jim Campbell were also in the mix. Just as Davey moved into

fourth the caution flag again flew, this time for an Andy LaBarge spin in turn one

with six laps remaining. At this point 14 of the original 20 starters were still in

action. Rivord made a charge to second in the waning laps but couldn't muster

enough to pass Flynn who went on to take the win. Burdick, Davey and

Oreskovich rounded out the top five.

Zach Wohlers made the most of his pole position in the 20 lap Late Model

feature by taking the lead at the get go. Veteran Tim McMann ran second while

Late Model rookie Trevor Wilson was third followed by Travis Budiaslovich and

Darrell Nelson. Todd Frank spun in turn one bringing out the first caution flag.

The green flag came out with no laps recorded and Wohlers resumed the lead only

to have several cars tangle on the back stretch resulting in a slow roll over for the

#24a of Aaron Lillo. All of the drivers were okay and 11 of the starting field were

left to continue. Wohlers got a strong restart and held the lead over McMann while

Nelson moved to third past Budiaslovich. Kyle Peterlin was fifth while Terry Lillo

and Frank battled for sixth. The field became strung out around the track for a

short time as Nelson moved to second and McMann recaptured third. Budiaslovich

made his way back to second with Nelson third as McMann, Peterlin and Frank

battled for fourth. With seven laps remaining Frank put on a surge and got to

second but the caution flag would play a part in the finish when, with two laps to

go, Budiaslovich's #31 broke going down the front stretch setting up a

green/white/checkered finish. Wohlers was able to thwart Nelson's plans for

another double sweep holding him off to the checkered flag for the win. McMann,

Peterlin and Frank finished in the top five.

The final WISSOTA division feature was for the Modifieds with Jody

Bellefeuille and Darrell Nelson holding down the front row. Bellefeuille got a

great start and took the lead but Nelson came back and led the first lap by a half

car length. Bellefeuille said wait just a minute, here and went back by Nelson the

next time by. The caution flag flew for the Rick Niemi spin with one lap of 20

recorded. Nelson got the jump on the restart over Bellefeuille as Cory Jorgenson

ran third, Brian Mikkonen fourth and Matt Leer fifth. Just outside the front five

were Al Uotinen, E. J. Hietala and Scott Hudack. Nelson moved out to a ten car

length lead as Bellefeuille and Jorgenson battled for second. At the mid point of

the contest it was a pitched battle between Bellefeuille and Nelson with

Bellefeuille regaining the lead. Nelson rebounded and took over the top spot with

eight laps to go and drove away from Bellefeuille who fell back int a skirmish with

Jorgenson. Behind them Mikkonen and Uotinen battled for position. Nelson went

on to the win while Jorgenson won the second place battle. Mikkonen was fourth

and Uotinen fifth. Uotinen has now completed 690 consecutive Modified feature

laps and is now 31 laps from tying Don Copp's record of 721 consecutive laps


The final event of the evening was the Pure Stock feature scheduled for 15 laps.

Tim Carlson took the early lead with Glenn Dammer, Ken tody, Jr, Brandle Pupp

and Justin Madsen in the top five. Carlson raced to a big lead while Tody moved

to second and to the bumper of Carlson. With eight laps to go, Tody made the pass

but shortly thereafter Carlson's #18 gave up the ghost. The restart came with five

laps remaining with Tody leading Damer, Pupp, Mike Blevins and Lucas Carlson.

As the pack boiled off turn four an incident occurred with Pupp Rolling over and

being bumped by Chad Nikstad. Travis Zembo was also involved. The restart was

single file and tody was able to hold off a charging Blevins for the win. Damer

Jason Carlson and 2012 track champion Josh Johnson finished in the top five.

Results AMSOIL Speedway 2013 Opener

(95 cars)

WISSOTA Late Models (17 cars)

Feature (20 Laps)

Zach Wohlers Hibbing, MN; Darrell Nelson Hermantown, MN; Tim McMann

Duluth, MN; Kyle Peterlin Hibbing; Todd Frank Mellen, WI; Terry Lillo Duluth;

Cory Jorgenson Hermantown; Chris Olson Hibbing DNF: Travis Budiaslovich

Cottage Grove, MN; Trevor Wilson Superior; Gregg Hill Eveleth, MN; Aaron

Lillo Duluth; Mark Hienle Warba, MN; Tim Lillo Superior; Harry Hanson

Eveleth; Robbie Cooper South Range, WI; Todd Gehl Solon Springs, WI

Heat 1 (10 laps) Peterlin; McMann; Budiaslovich; T. Lillo; Frank; A. Lillo; Olson

DNF: Cooper, Hanson

Heat 2 (10 laps) Nelson; Wilson; Hienle; Wohlers; Hill; Jorgensen; T. Lillo DNF


WISSOTA Modified (16 cars)

Feature (20 laps)

Darrell Nelson; Jorgenson; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Brian Mikkonen Iron River,

WI; Scott Hudack Ashland, WI; Al Uotinen Superior; Pat Cook Washburn, WI

DNF : Hietala; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay, MN; Matt Leer Bruce, WI; Rick

Rivord Superior; Justin Jones Bemidji, MN; Curt Myers Cameron, WI; Rick

Niemi Eveleth DNS: Neil Balduc Bessemer, MI

Heat 1 (10 laps) Bellefeuille; Jorgenson; VanHouse; Mikkonen; Niemi; Jones;

Hudack DNF: Scott Heikkinen

Heat 2 (10 laps) Nelson; Uotinen; Leer; Rivord; Myers; Cook DNF: Hietala DNS


WISSOTA Super Stock (21 cars)

Feature (20 laps)

Dave Flynn Superior; Shawn Rivord Superior; Kevin Burdick Proctor, MN; Andy

Davey Hibbing; Nick Oreskovich Mason, WI; Jim Campbell Two harbors, MN;

Donnie Lofdahl Proctor; D. J. Keeler Superior; Andy Grymala Superior; Pat

Heikkinen Eveleth; Andy LaBarge Keewatin, MN; Dan Tocheri Thunder Bay,

Ontario; John Toppozini Thunder Bay DNF: Willie Johnsen Superior; Curt Myers

Cameron; Scott Lawrence Superior; Joe Oliver Superior; Ronnie Malecki

Superior; Keith Kern Superior DNS: Shawn McFadden, Jr Ashland; Kevin Salin

Iron, MN

Heat 1 (10 laps) Lawrence; Tocheri; Flynn; Davey; Kern DNF McFadden;


Heat 2 (10 laps) Burdick; Rivord; Grymala; Keeler; Toppozini; Myers DNF Salin

Heat 3 (10 laps) Oliver; Flynn; Johnsen; Oreskovich; Malecki; Lofdahl; Heikkinen

WISSOTA Midwest Modfiied (20 cars)

Feature (15 laps)

Dan Kingsley Superior; Cody Wolkowski Thunder Bay; Lance Solem Duluth;

Don Craig Thunder Bay; Dale Soumala Hermantown; Cody Carlson Superior;

Jake Gondik Superior; Chris Bretting Ashland; Anderson Duluth; Brady Caul

DNF: VanHouse; Jason Goldfine Superior; Tyler Luger Iron River; Justin Bassa

Duluth; David Simpson Thunder Bay; Ricky Davis Bruno, MN; Dan Doran

Duluth DNS: Rick Przyblski Ashland; Jesse Ogston Duluth

Heat 1 (10 laps) VanHouse; Przybylski; Doran; Simpson; Davis; Bretting;


Heat 2 (10 laps) Craig; Caul; Bassa; Stuisc; Soumala; Luger DNF: Gondik

Heat 3 (10 laps) Solem; Kingsley; Golldfine DNF: Carlson; Ogston; Wolkowski

Pure Stock (21 cars)

Feature (15 laps)

Ken Tody, Jr Ashland; Mike Blevins Hibbing; Glenn Dammer Duluth; Lucas

Carlson Cloquet, MN; Josh Johnson Superior; Chris Johnson South Range; Chad

Carlson Superior