A brief rain shower just before race time left a very heavy race track erasing any

hope of a new track record for the IRA Sprints. It turned out to be the Billy Balog

show once again as he won everything, fast time, heat and 30 lap feature. It's been

the Billy Balog show all season as he has won 15 of 25 feature events and is the

IRA point leader. Balog's quick time of the evening was a lap of 16.012 seconds, a

lap average of 84.312 MPH. Other heat winners were Mike Kertscher and Brett


Trippleh led early over Mike Reinke and raced out to a huge margin to begin

lapping by lap seven. Travis Whitney was on the move and took third. Balog was

edging forward and had moved from the tenth starting spot to seventh. By the half

way point Balog had destroyed the rest of the field and was leading. Only a

caution flag would prevent him from taking the win and none was forthcoming.

Balog had a straight away lead on Kertcher who had began to cut into it but ran

out of laps as Balog took the easy win. Kertscher, third fast timer Davey Heskin

third, Whitney fourth and Trippleh finished fifth.

It would be 20 laps for the WISSOTA Super Stocks with the 39 car field

whittled down to 26 cars as Trevor Wilson was awarded a provisional starting

spot. Mike Bellefeuille got a good jump at the green flag followed by Dave Flynn,

Donnie Lofdahl, Ben Hillman and Tim Johnson. Flynn battled with Bellefeuille in

the early going and Johnson moved to third. Flynn took the point but Bellefuille

came back to retake the lead. Wilson and D. J. Keeler tangled in turn two bringing

out the caution flag. With a dozen circuits remaining the green flag flew

Bellefeuille continued to lead Flynn, Johnson, Lofdahl and Hillman. A blanket

would have fit over the top five. Another caution flag flew for a tangle in turn one

involving Keith Kern, Shane Kisling, Tyler Kintner and Dale Gangl. Also caught

up in it was Flynn. The race restarted without Flynn as his car sustained crippling

damage. There were still 12 laps to go and Bellefeuille got another good start but

Johnson found something and blew by Bellefeuille to take the lead at the half way

point. Running third at the half way was Andy Grymala then Lofdahl, Hillman Joe

Oliver, Tristan LaBarge and Kevin Eder driving Nick Oreskovich's second car.

Grymala moved to second as Johnson widened the lead and went on to take his

second Northern Nationals Super Stock title. Grymala, Lofdahl, Hillman and

Bellefeuille rounded out the top five.

Next up was the 15 lap feature for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Mack Estey

and Cody Wolkowski headed the 26 car cast to the green flag. Wolkowski got the

jump and took the lead with Estey close behind. Dan kingsley, Rob Weber and Bill

Matzdorf were in close attendance. The caution flag appeared early as Kingsley ended

up against the fourth turn wall. Wolkowski controlled the restart and Weber made his

way to second. Estey snd Matzdorf were third and fourth and Dale Suomala had made

a move from row six to run fifth. Weber fell off the pace and retired from

competition. Wolkowski pulled out ten car lengths on Estey, Suomala third, Matzdorf

fourth and Brady Caul appearing in fifth. The caution flag again flew when Don Craig

attempted to enter the pits but stalled at the entrance. The restart with ten to go was

aborted when Deven VanHouse stalled on the back stretch. The restart saw

Wolkowski, Estey, Suomala, Matzdorf and Rick Przybylski in a bunch. Suomala took

a hit on the back stretch and stalled. The restart saw Estey hang with Wolkowski and

the pair raced side by side but another caution flag flew when Davis Simpson stalled

on the front stretch. Things did not go better at the restart with seven laps remaining

as a crash on the front stretch sent cars scattering. Fifteen of the 26 starters were on

the track att his point including VanHouse who had returned after repairs. Estey went

for the lead at the start and took the point but Wolkowski came back and resumed

control which he held to the checkered flag. Estey, Caul, Kevin Montieth and Neil

Balduc made it the top five who finished in final lap shuffles.

Scheduled for the night's finale was 25 laps for the WISSOTA Modifieds. Darrell

Nelson and Al Uotinen lined up at the head of the 26 car field. Rick Rivord was

awarded a provisional starting spot. Nelson surged to the lead at the green flag with

Kelly Estey slipping past Uotinen to the second spot. Scott Duval quickly moved

from the fourth row to fourth and Kevin Eder ran fifth. Jody Bellefeuille got by Eder

to fifth while, up front, Estey was closing on Nelson. The pair pulled out a ten car

length lead on Uotinen in third. Estey went to the top of the track and drove by

Nelson to the lead. Bellefeuille movrd to fourth and Steve Stuart was now fifth. With

no caution flags the half way point was quickly reached and the top five were Estey,

Nelson, Uotinen, Bellefeuille and Stuart. Next came Eder, Nick Musel, Tim McMann,

Ken Hron and Jeff Tardy. Estey cruised to a near straight away bulge over Nelson.

In the closing laps no one was racing anyone and Estey took the easy win. The race

went flag to flag and took about 12 minutes.

Though the night proved to be somewhat long, the capacity crowd seemed to enjoy

the night's action and were looking forward to the next nights action.

Saturday September 8th.

Again the weather sent us a few brief light rain showers on the final night of the

24th annual Northern Nationals. Another great crowd filled the grandstands to

capacity as they anticipated another great night of competition.

The IRA Sprints moved on to another venue, the Modifieds, Supers and Midwest

Modifieds stuck around and Pure Stocks and Late Models were added to make a field

of 134 cars for the night. For the second night, there was a sweep bonus program in

force for the divisions that raced both nights. A driver who was able to win the

feature both nights would receive a $500 bonus.

The Super Stocks began the feature portion of the program with a 25 lap main

event. The green flag saw Dale Gangl slide into the lead with Randy Spacek in

second. The ever present Tim Johnson was third and looking for back to back wins

and the $500 bonus. Ben Hillman and Donnie Lofdahl were fourth and fifth. Rick

Simpson ran further back in fifth and 2012 track champion Scott Lawrence was

already up to sixth after starting back in the 8th row. A caution flag set up a restart

with 18 laps remaining and Gangl maintained the lead. Spacek was still second while

Hillman and Johnson battled for third. Lofdahl still ran fifth and Lawrence settled

back into eighth. Gangl widened his lead and was on cruise control until Trevor

Wilson's car decided to water down the track bringing out the caution flag. At the

restart Gangl had the lead as Hillman found his way to second.. Hillman made his

move as Gangl fell off the pace and brought out the caution flag with nine to go. On

the restart a tangle between Simpson and Lawrence on the front stretch and Simpson

was out. On the restart Johnson gunned it in an effort to take the lead but Hillman

held him off. Another caution flag quickly occurred when Mike Bellefeuille went

around in turn four. The try at another restart also went awry as Cory Casari also got

turned around in turn four. The next try was gold and Johnson took another try at

Hillman for the lead but Hillman was able to keep the point. At this point Lawrence

was up into third in a tussle with Randy Spacek and Casari for third. With two laps

remaining Johnson again found something and got past Hillman for the win.

Lawrence finished third, Spacek fourth and Casari fifth. Johnson won his second

feature of the weekend and received the $500 bonus for winning both nights.

Tim McMann and Kelly Estey led the 27 car Modified field to the green flag for

their 30 lap feature. Estey bolted to the early lead while Jody Bellefeuille and

McMann battled for second followed by Darrell Nelson and Cory Mahder. Skeeter

Estey, Ashley Anderson, Jeff Tardy and Al Uotinen followed. Three laps in the

caution flag flew as Scott Duvall stalled in turn two. At the green flag Estey held the

lead over Bellefeuille, McMann and Nelson but with 24 laps to go Chris Wolden spun

in turn two. On the restart Estey was back to cruising out front but a three car tangle

in turn one brought out yet another caution flag. With 20 laps remaining Estey

resumed his Saturday cruise. The order behind was still the same and Anderson was

now fifth. The laps wound down to 11 to go when Al Uotinen slowed on the back

stretch and stopped at the bottom of turn four. The restart saw another caution flag,

then another on the next try. The final restart saw Estey leading Bellefeuille,

McMann, Anderson, Nelson and Brent Larson with the same order going to the

checkered flag. Estey added to his Northern Nationals win total and also took the

$500 sweep bonus.

The WISSOTA Late Model feature was set for 40 laps and Zach Wohlers took the

lead over Tim McMann at the green flag with Darrell Nelson in third, Joey Ogston

fourth and Brent Larson fifth. Wohlers quickly streaked out to a huge lead while

Nelson went after McMann for second. Ogston, Larson and Robby Bunkelman

skirmished for forth. Wohlers was getting smaller in the distance to the second place

runner as the one quarter mark was reached. Nelson cleared McMann as Larson

closed up. Wohlers was beginning to lap cars as further back Mike Goodremote

began to pressure Bunkelman for fifth. With 25 laps to go Rick Hanestad stalled in

turn two with a flat bringing out the caution flag. Hanestad would rejoin after the tire

change. At the restart Nelson got the jump to the lead over Wohlers, Larson and

Bunkelman. Goodremote was fourth and McMann fifth. Yet another caution flag flew

for a tangle between Terry Lillo and Joey Ogston. On the restart with 23 laps

remaining Nelson leads Larson and Wohlers. Goodremote made his way to third,

Bunkelman was forth and Hanestad had worked his way to fifth after changing the

flat. Nelson went on to take the win over Larson, Goodremote, Bunkleman and

Hanestad. It was Nelson's second Northern Nationals Late Model win. He also has

a pair of wins in the Modified.

The Midwest Modifieds were set to go for 20 laps in their feature. Rob Weber

took the lead from the pole followed through by Mack Estey from the second row.

Brady Caul fell in behind ahead of Dan Kingsley and Cody Wolkowski. The top four

were all going for the same pierce of real estate. Caul and Kingsley tangled bringing

out the caution flag. Caul was out and Kingsley was able to continue. At the restart

Estey sneaked to the inside of Weber and the pair went side by side, but briefly as the

caution flew for a Dale Suomala spin in turn two. At the green Lance Solem gets a

jump and slides up into fourth. Estey led Weber, Wolkowski, Solem and Cody

Carlson in the top five until Ross Siiter spun in turn two. On the restart officials ruled

that Solem's restart was a little too good and he was docked two spots on the restart

moving Carlson to third. Estey continued at the front on the restart with nine to go.

A debris caution occurred and Wolkowski made his bid for the lead on the restart and

took the lead on the white flag but Estey came back to take the win at the line. Cole

Spacek, Kevin Montieth and Rick Przybylski survived the last laps shuffle to finish

in the top five.

The Pure Stocks rolled onto the track for 15 laps of feature racing led by Glenn

Dammer and Mike Blevins. It was Blevins who got the good start from the outside

and Josh Loucks moved to second with Tim Carlson to third and Gary Campbell

third. The red flag flew for a seven car tangle in the first turn with one car rolled over.

All drivers were okay. Blevins held the lead over Loucks and Carlson but a tangle on

the other end in turn four. On the restart Blevins held the point and Carlson got by

Loucks for second. Blevins was the class of the pack as the race the race was for

second and Loucks regained second spot. The caution flag appeared for a problem in

turn three for Justin Madsen's flat tire with six laps to go. No one was able to reel in

Blevins as he went on to take the win over Loucks, Dustin Doughty, Gary Campbell

and Dakota Greene.

Results 2012 Northern Nationals 9-7&8-12 AMSOIL Speedway

Day One 9-7-12 (127 cars)

Interstate Racing Association (IRA) Sprint Cars (24 cars)

Feature (30 Laps) Billy Balog Brookfield, WI; Mike Kertscher Fillmore, WI; Davey

Heskins St. Michael, MN; Travis Whitney Blane, MN; Brett Trippleh Lincoln, Ill;

Wayne Modjeski Oak Creek, WI; Mike Reinke Howards grove, Ill.; Scott Uttech New

Berlin, WI; Robbie Pribnow Lomire, WI.; Jim Moughan Springfield, Ill.; Todd King

Sheboygan Falls, WI.; Kris Spitz Salem, WI; Steve Meyer Sheboygan, WI; Mike

Decker Silver Lake, WI.; John Sernett Prior Lake, MN; Phillip Mock Pleasant Prarie,

WI.; Dennis Spitz Kenosha, WI.; Brandon Thone Sheboygan Falls, WI.; Bill Wirth

Cudahay, WI.; Russel Borland Kewaskum, WI.; Scotty Neitzel Beaver Dam, WI.

DNS: Bill Warren Beaver Dam; Brandon Thone Sheboyagan Falls; Kaley Gharst

Decater, Ill; Duane Olson Superior.

Heat 1: Balog; Gharst; Pribnow; Modjeski; Decker; Spitz; Thone; Warren

Heat 2: Kertscher; Reinke; Whitney; Neitzel; Meyer; Borland; Wirth; Sernett

Heat 3: Trippleh; King; Heskin; Uttech; Moughan; Mock; D. Spitz; Olson

Super Stocks (39 cars)

Feature (25 laps) Tim Johnson Brainerd, MN; Andy Grymala Superior; Donnie

Lofdahl Proctor; Ben Hillman Menomonie, WI.; Mike Bellefeuille Superior; Kevin

Eder Ashland; Joe Oliver Superior; Tristan LaBarge; Kelly Lake, MN.; Andy Davey

Hibbing, MN; Scott Lawrence Suprior; Dale Gangl East Bethel, MN; Shawn

Polonoski thunder Bay; Seth Kramer Brainerd; Trevor Wilson Superior; DNF: Keith

Kern Superior; Brian Mikkonen Iron River; Jim Campbell Two Harbors, MN; Jeff

Spacek Phillips, WI.; Shane Kisling Sarona, WI.; Tyler Kintner Hibbing; Dave Flynn

Superior; Randy Spacek Phillips; Willie Johnsen Superior; Cory Casari Montreal, WI

DNS: Jesse Redetzke Eau Claire.WI.

Heat 1: Hillman; Kintner; R. Spacek; Eder; Casari; Weber; Campbell; DNF: Pat

Heikkinen Eveleth; Ashley Smith Superior; Lawrence

Heat 2: Flynn; Oliver; Kern; Kisling; Johnsen; Wilson; Keeler; Watkins; DNF:

Oreskovich; Carl

Heat 3: Lofdahl; T. Johnson; LaBarge; Redetzke; Gangl; Olson; Mikkonen; Kramer;

Malecki; Kintner

Heat 4: Bellefeuille; Grymala; Davey; J. Spacek; polonowski; Burdick; Toucheri;

Simpson; Kammerud

B Feature #1: Mikkonen; Campbell' Weber; Olson; Gunnar Watkins Elk Mound,

WI;Ronnie Malecki Superior; Ashley Smith Superior; Heikkinen; Carl; Shawn

Kammerud St. Croix Falls, WI

B Feature #2: Lawrence; Kramer; Wilson; Dan Tocheri Thunder Bay; Rick Simpson

Thunder Bay; Nick Oreskovich Mason, WI; D. J. Keeler Superior; Bob kintner mt.

Iron DNF Kevin Burdick

WISSOTA Modified (35 cars)

Feature (30 laps) Kelly Estey Kelly Lake; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Al Uotinen

Superior; Jody Bellefeuille; Steve Stuart Ashland; Tim McMann Duluth; Kevin Eder

Ashland; Nick Musel Duluth; Jeff Spacek Phillips; Jeff Tardy Hibbing; Ken Hron

Nashwauk; Scott Hudack Ashland; Jared Loos Loyal; Scot Heikkinen Eveleth; Pat

Cook Washburn; DNF: Jeff Hart Hibbing; Ashley Anderson Elk mound; Scott Duval

Bloomer; Rick Rivord Superior; Jeff Broking Grand Rapids; Skeeter Estey Kelly

Lake; Chris Wolden Underwood, MN; Brent larson Lake Elmo, MN; Paul Schultz

Grand Rapids; Ross Lightner Washburn

Heat 1 : Eder; Duval; Hron; DNF: Schultz; Lightner; Lorimor; Hart; Rivord

Heat 2: Uotinen; Wolden; Musel; Tardy; Heikkinen; Anderson; DNF: Cain; E. J.


Heat 3: Nelson; Bellefeuille; Cook; S. Estey; McMann; Bunkelman; T. J. Adams; J.


Heat 4: Estey; Broking; Stuart; Loos; Hudack; Larson; DNF: Baxter

B Feature: Anderson; Larson; Jeff Hart Hibbing; Jeff spacek Hibbing; Rick Rivord

Superior; DNF: E. J. Hietala Cloquet; Robby Bunkelman; DNS: Destin Lorimor

Superior; Dave Cain Corcoran, MN; T. J. Adams Hayward; David Baxter Eau Claire

Midwest Modified (29 cars)

Feature (15 laps) Cody wolkowski Thunder Bay; Mack Estey Kelly Lake; Brady Caul

Ft. Francis; Kevin Montieth Rosslyn, Ont.; Neil Balduc Bessemer; Dale Suomala

Duluth; Bill Matzdorf Grand Raoids; Chris Bretting Washburn; Cody Carlson

Superior; Travis nye Ashland; Andrew Inman Hermantown; Rick Przybylski;

Ashland; Deven VanHouse Silver Bay; Jim Inman Duluth DNF: Norm Anderson

Duluth; Jason Goldfine Superior; Jake Gondik Foxboro; Steve Anderson Ironwood;

Dave Simpson Thunder Bay; Jamie Smart Kakabacka Falls, Ont.: Don Craig Thunder

Bay; Rob Weber Ashland; Cole Spacek Phillips; Scott Bruce Thunder Bay; Dan

Kingsley Superior

Heat 1: Wolkowski; Caul; Carlson; Balduc; Inman; Nye; Bretting; Craig; Gondik'


Heat 2: M. Estey; Kingsley; Przbylski; VanHouse; Montieth; J. Inman; Suzik; DNF:

Youderin; Smart

Heat 3: Matzdorf; Weber; Goldfine; Suomala; Spacek; Simpso; Bruce; Anderson; S.


B Feature: Bretting; Craig; Smart; Bruce; S. Anderson; DNF: N. Anderson; Adam

Shinn Duluth; Glenn Godin Murillo, Ont.'; Paul Suzik Ironwood; Jake Gondik

Foxboro; Brian Youderin Superior.

Northern Nationals Day 2 (9-8-12)

WISSOTA Late Models (20 cars)

Feature: Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Brent Larson Lake Elmo; Mike goodremote

Sand Creek; Robby Bunkelman Abbotsford; Rick Hanestad; Boyceville; Tim

McMann Duluth; Terry Lillo Duluth; Don Copp Brule; Chris Olson Hibbing; Chad

Mahder Eau Claire; Gregg Hill Eveleth; Todd Gehl Solon Springs; Harry Hanson

Eveleth; Riley Matthews Thunder Bay; Travis Budiaslovich; Cottage Grove; Scott

Herrick Proctor DNF: Zach Wohlers Pengilly; Joey Ogston Duluth; Dave Esse

Cloquet; Kevin Carlson Hermantown; Aaron Lillo Duluth

Heat 1: Wohlers; Bunkelman; Esse; Larson; T. Lillo; C. Mahder; Hill; Matthews;

Carlson; Herrick DNF: Copp

Heat 2: McMann; Ogston; Nelson; Olson; Hanson; Goodremote; Hanestad; Gehl;

Budiaslovich DNF A. Lillo

WISSOTA Modified (30 cars)

Feature: Kelly Estey Kelly Lake; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Tim McMann Duluth;

Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Ashley Anderson Elk Mound; Brent Larson Lake Elmo;

Scott Hudack Ashland; Jared Loos Loyal; Jeff Spacek Phillips; Jeff Tardy Hibbing;

Jeff Hart Hibbing; Kevin Eder Ashland; Cory Sersha Eveleth; Scott Heikkinen

Eveleth DNF: Jason Gross Osceola; Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake; Cory Mahder Eau

Claire; E. J. Hietala; Cloquet; Rick Rivord Superior; Al Uotinen Superior; Steve

Stuart Ashland; Chris Wolden Underwood; Rick Niemi Eveleth; Robby Bunkelman

Abbotsford; Nick Musel Duluth; Jeff Broking Grand Rapids; Scott Duval Bloomer

Heat 1: McMann; Mahder; Hart; Uotinen; Gross; Broking; Spacek; Sersha; Stuart

Heat 2: Bellefeuille; A. Anderson; Tardy; Duval; Bunkelman; Rivord; Niemi;


Heat 3: Estey; S.Estey; Eder; Musel; larson; Loos; Hietala; Hudack; Wolden

WISSOTA Super Stock ( 30 cars)

Feature (30 laps) Tim Johnson Brainers; Ben Hillman Menomonie; Scott Lawrence

Superior; Randy Spacek Phillips; Cory Casari Montreal; Brian Mikkonen Iron River;

Andy Grymala Superior; Mike Weber Osceola; Jim Campbell Two Harbors; Donnie

Lofdahl Proctor; D. J. Keeler Superior; Shawn Rivord Superior; Ronnie Malecki

Superior; Ashley Smith Superior DNF: Dan Tocheri Thunder Bay; Mike Bellefeuille

Duluth; Keith Kern Superior; Rick Simpson Thunder Bay; Dale Gangl East Bethel;

Shawn Polonoski Thunder Bay; Tristan LaBarge Kelly Lake; Trevor Wilson

Superior; Dave Flynn Superior; Kevin Eder Ashland

Heat 1: Lofdahl; Johnson; Grymala; Oliver; Casari; Mikkonen; Campbell; Tocheri;

Carl; Kisling

Heat 2: Gangl; Hillman; Wilson; Eder; Keeler; S. Rivord; LaBarge; Malecki;

Heikkinen DNF: Olson

Heat 3: Spacek; Simpson; Flynn; Weber; Lawrence; Bellefeuille; Kern; Smith DNF

Polonoski; Oreskovich

B Feature: Campbell; LaBarge; Tocheri; Smith; Malecki; Polonoski; Heikkinen; Carl;

DNF: Kern; Kisling DNS: Olson; Oreskovich.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (26 cars)

Feature : Mack Estey Kelly Lake; Cody Wolkowski Thunder Bay; Cole Spacek

Phillips; Kevin Montieth Rosslyn; Rick Przybylski Ashland; Neil Balduc Bessemer;

Cody Carlson Superior; Jake Gondik Foxboro; Nick Doronco Mt. Iron; David

Simpson Thunder Bay; Bill Matzdorf Grand Rapids; Tom Smart Kakabeka Falls; Don

Craig Thunder Bay; Chris Bretting Washburn; Scott Bruce Thunder Bay; Norm

Anderson Duluth; Jim Inman Duluth DNF: Dale Suomala Duluth; Andrew Inman

Hermantown; Ross Siiter Duluth; Lance Solem Duluth; Rob Weber Ashland; Jason

Goldfine Superior; Dan Kingsley Superior; Glenn Godin Murillo; Brady Caul Ft,


Heat 1: Weber; Kingsley; Solem; Carlson; Montieth; Bretting; Siiter; Smart; DNF:


Heat 2: M. Estey; Goldfine; DORONCO; Simpson; Craig; Spacek; DNF:A. Inman;

Balduc; Suomala

Heat 3: Caul; Wolkowski; Matzdorf; Gondik; Przybylski; Bruce; N. Anderson; J.


Pure Stock (31 cars)

Feature: Mike Blevins Hibbing; Josh Loucks Carlton; Dustin Doughty Ladysmith;

Gary Campbell Duluth; Dakota Greene Grand Rapids; Esten Nelson Grand Marais;

Lucas carlson Duluth; Glenn Dammer Duluth; Andy Udeen Superior; Chad Nikstad

Superior; Shaina Rapp Saginaw; Tim Baum Superior; Steve Udeen Superior; Jeff

Christman Superior DNF:Chad Carlson Superior; Josh Johnson Superior; Mark Korte

Duluth; Annika Hammitt Cloquet; Justin Madsen Foxboro; Jon Hammitt Cloquet;

Jeff Engelmeier Saginaw; Tyler Carlson Duluth; Ken Hapy Duluth; Kyle House

Cloquet; Gavin Campbell Duluth

Heat 1: Dammer; L. Carlson; Engelmeier; Baum; Rapp DNF: Anderson; G Campbell;


Heat 2: Loucks; G. Campbell; Nelson; Madsen; Johnson; Korte; Klints; Savoy

Heat 3: Blevins; S. Udeen; A. Udeen; J. Hammitt; House; A. Hammitt; Christman;

DNF: M. Hammitt

Heat 4: C. Carlson; Doughty; T. Carlson; Hapy; Nikstad; Reynolds; Greene

B Feature: Greene; A. Hammitt; Korte; Christman; Savoy; Klints DNF M Hammitt;

Reynolds; R. Anderson; G. Campbell DNS: Follett..