Blom's car failed the post race inspection giving the win to Udeen his

second of the season. The disqualification moved Mark Korte into the

fifth spot.

Next up on the program was the rest of the qualifying heats. When

they were in the record book, it was time for the feature events.

The first feature to take to the AMSOIL Speedway was 15 laps for

the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Canadian Don Craig made the most

of his pole position starting spot by grabbing the lead and led a lap but

the caution flag flew necessitating a restart. Skeeter Estey who had

blasted from the eighth starting spot to run second, jumped ahead of

Craig at the green flag but it wouldn't hold as Dan Kingsley stopped at

the top of turn three. Craig held the point at the restart as they were still

trying to get the third lap complete and Estey spun off turn four bringing

out yet another caution period. Craig still held the point but, without

Estey on his tail, another Canadian visitor Cody Walkowski took over

the lead as Craig dropped off the pace and went pit side. Neil Balduc

took over second followed by Jeff Pohjonen, Deven Van House and

George Dalbeck. Jeff Lien, Jr found the wall in turn two bringing out the

caution flag yet again. Dalbeck retired to the pits for some service on

during the caution period. Walkowski held on to the lead and Dalbeck

roared back to take second after the pit stop and sailed by Walkowski

into the lead. Estey was back up to third after his spin with five laps

remaining with Pohjonen fourth and Balduc running fifth. Once again

the yellow flag flew as Van House's #17 rolled to a halt. It was judged

that Dalbeck jumped the restart putting Walkowski back in front with

three laps left. Dalbeck's penalty left Estey in second and, with two to

go, it was too close to call for the lead. Estey forged ahead to take the

win as Pohjonen and Dalbeck crashed before the start/finish line.

Pohjonen was awarded third while Dalbeck was scored ninth the last car

running. Balduc and Scott Herrick rounded out the top five.

"I didn't think that race was ever going to end. I didn't know what

was going on back there" was WISSOTA Super Stock feature winner

Mike Bellefeuille's comment in the Benna Ford/Rousch victory circle.

Bellefeuille started from the outside of the front row and jumped to the

lead over Dave Flynn, Joe Olson, Jeff Tardy and Scott Lawrence.

Bellefeuille extended his lead over Flynn and Tardy as Lawrence and

Andy Grymala got by Olson into fourth and fifth. Trevor Wilson got

turned around in a pack of cars in turn one and as quick as a flash there

were six plus cars in a wad. Joe Oliver, Al Rapp and Robbie Cooper

were involved as well as some others. It took several minutes to pry

apart the tangle and when racing resumed, Bellefeuille still led with

Lawrence and Flynn battling for second. Almost the entire field was

strung out around the track as the top seven separated themselves from

Olson in fifth and no one was making a move with five laps remaining.

Andy Davey turned around at the bottom of turn four bringing out the

caution flag. Bellefeuille maintained the lead at the restart over Flynn

who lost the spot to Tardy, all to no avail, however as the caution lights

again flashed on. Flynn was back in second with three to go and made a

run at Bellefeuille but couldn't make the pass losing second to Tardy.

The caution flag again flew as Olson and Lawrence clashed. Lawrence

limped to the work area with a flat right front tire, joined on to the rear to

finish 12th. Bellefeuille held on for the win, Flynn took back second from

Tardy who finished third. Kevin Burdick and Andy Grymala finished in

the top five.

Next up it was two dozen plus one laps for the WISSOTA Late

Models. Pole sitter Todd Frank led for the first three quarters of the

initial circuit before Harry Hanson got a run off turn four and grabbed

the point. Darrell Nelson was third, Aaron Lillo fourth and Todd Gehl

fifth. Nelson took second from Frank and set out after Hanson as Gehl

and Cory Jorgensen battled for fifth and Darin Meierotto joined the mix.

The top five at the half way point was Hanson, Nelson, Frank, Gehl and

Meierotto. With fourteen laps to go the #24D of Dustin Lunde erupted in

a huge cloud of what appeared to be steam bringing out the first caution

flag. The restart was just what Nelson needed. He worked on Hanson for

the point but Hanson pulled away as Meierotto moved to third, Franks

was fourth and Gehl in fifth. Nelson continued to work on Hnson but

couldn't make the pass until, with three laps remaining, he was able to

snake past and take the lead and the win. Meierotto was third ahead of

Frank and Gehl in the top five. Aaron Lillo was sixth, Kyle Peterlin who

started in the ninth row was seventh, Jorgensen eighth, Chris Olson ninth

and Travis Budisalovich rounded out the top ten.

Nelson hustled to climb into his Modified as the 20 lap main event

was about to start. At the green Kevin Eder took the point and Kelly

Estey blasted up from outside row three to second and Nelson did some

blasting of his own to third from the inside of row four. Estey and

Nelson overwhelmed Eder and the rookie fell back to third where Scott

Hudack was on his tail in fourth and was, in turn receiving pressure from

Ryan Aho who ran fifth. Hudack, Aho and most recent winner Joey

Jensen battled for fifth. Nelson was stuck about four car lengths behind

Estey but closed up, dived under the #37 and made the pass in turn one.

Estey began to slide back and came by with the engine making that

awful flat sound signifying serious trouble. Estey pulled off

subsequently leaving Eder third, Hudack fourth and Aho fifth. Nelson

began lapping cars and Aho made a push past Eder for second. Eder,

Jensen and Al Uotinen rounded out the top five. Nelson won back to

back features in the Late Models and Modifieds.

The final scheduled feature belonged to the Pure Stocks. chad

Carlson lead early on over Matt Madsen, Ed Dammer, Justin Bassa and

Justin Madsen. Once again getting that first lap in was difficult as two

more caution flags appeared before a complete lap could be run. When

they began clicking off laps, Carlson ran into mechanical difficulties and

pulled off leaving Matt Madsen in charge. Matt Madsen led brother

Justin by several car lengths and was on cruise control as little passing

was going on and the final circuit of fifteen was looming. The brothers

Madsen Matt and Justin finished first and second ahead of D J Keeler,

and a pair of number 15's Jeff Engelmeier and Mark Korte in the top


Results AMSOIL Speedway 7-8-11 Hall of Fame Race (97 cars)

WISSOTA Late Model (19 cars)

Feature (25 laps) Darrell Nelson Hermantown, MN; Harry Hanson

Eveleth, MN; Darin Meierotto Superior; Todd Frank Seymour, WI;

Todd Gehl Solon Springs, WI; Aaron Lillo Duluth; Kyle Peterlin

Hibbing, MN; Cory Jorgensen Hermantown; Chris Olson Hibbing;

Travis Budiaslovich Cottage Grove. MN; Tim McMann Duluth; Terry

Lillo Duluth; Gregg Hill Eveleth; Jeff Provinzino Hibbing DNF: Caley

Emerson Forest Lake, MN; Kevin Carlson Hermantown; Danny young

Thunder Bay Ont.; Dustin Lunde Proctor; Tom O'Brien Webster, WI

Heat 1 (10 laps): Young, Frank, Jorgensen, Hanson, McMann, Emerson,

Budiaslovich, Hill DNF; O'Brien, Peterlin

Heat 2 (10 laps): Gehl, Nelson, A Lillo, Meierotto, Carlson Olson, T

Lillo, Lunde DNF: Provinzino

WISSOTA Modified (17 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Darrell Nelson, Ryan Aho Chisholm, Kevin Eder

Ashland, Joey Jensen Forest Lake, Al Uotinen Superior, Alan Hartel

Superior, Destin Lorimor Superior, Rick Rivord Superior, Scott

Heikkinen Eveleth, E. J. Hietala Cloquet, MN, Nick Lavato Superior,

Pat Cook washburn, WI DNF: Scott Hudack Ashland, Steve Lavasseur,

River Falls, WI, Jayme Lautigar Gilbert, MN, Jacob Morinville Duluth,

Kelly Estey Kelly Lake, MN

Heat 1 (8 laps): Estey, Jensen, Uotinen, Hudack, Hietala, Lavato, Cook,

Hartel DNF Lautigar

Heat 2 (8 laps): Nelson, Aho, Eder, Heikkinen, Rivord, Lorimaor,

Morinville DNF Lavasseur

WISSOTA Super Stock (22 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Mike Bellefeuille Duluth; Dave Flynn Superior; Jeff

Tardy Hibbing; Kevin Burdick Hibbing; Andy Grymala Superior;

Donnie Lofdahl Proctor; Keith Kern Superior; Robbie Cooper South

Range, WI; Justin Iverson Saginaw, MN; Ronnie Malecki Superior;

Cody Carlson Superior; Scott Lawrence Superior; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth

DNF Trevor Arens Hibbing; Joe Oliver Superior; Andy Davey Hibbing;

Shawn Rivord South Range; Jim Campbell Two Harbors, MN; Trevor

Wilson Superior; Al Rapp Saginaw; Willie Johnsen Superior; Joe Oliver


Heat 1 (8 laps): Burdick, Olson, Bellefeuille, Kern,Johnsen, Rapp,

Rivord DNF Malecki

Heat 2 (8 laps): Flynn; Tardy, Grymala, Cooper, Lofdahl, Carlson,


Heat 3 (8 laps): Lawrence, Campbell, Wilson, Oliver, Davey, Arens,


WISSOTA Midwest Modified (14 cars)

Feature (15 laps) Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake; Cody Walkowski Thunder

Bay; Jeff Pohjonen Duluth; Neil Balduc Bessemer, MI; Scott Herrick

Proctor; Rick Przbylski Ashaland; Dan Larsen Hemantown; Glenn

Godin Murillo, Ont; George Dalbeck Ironwood, MI DNF: Dan Kingsley

Superior; Deven Van House Grand Marais, MN; Jeff Lein, Jr. Mora,

MN; Lance Solem Duluth; Don Craig Thunder Bay

Heat 1 (8 laps): Estey, Larsen, Balduc, Kingsley, Van House, Lein DNF:


Heat 2 (8 laps): Wolkowski, Craig, Solem, Pohjonen, Przybylski,

Dalbeck, Godin

Pure Stock (25 cars)

Feature (15 laps): Matt Madsen Superior; Justin Madsen Foxboro, WI;

DJ Keeler Superior; Jeff Engelmeier Saginaw; Mark Korte Duluth; Jeff

Christman Superior; Steve Udeen Superior; Ashley Smith South range;

Jon Hammitt Cloquet; Chad Nikstad Superior; Tim Oswskey Superior;

Ed Dammer Hermantown; Brody Zembo Superior; Zene Anderson

Superior;Travis Zembo Superior; Rita Anderson South Range DNF:

Cory Lonetto Duluth; Chad Carlson Superior; Dustin Follett Cloquet;

Justin Bassa Hermantown; Joe Pajtash Bennett, WI; Brent Good

Superior; Austin Blom Superior; Dale Soumala Duluth, Josh Johnson


Heat 1 (8 laps); Korte; M Madsen; Carlson; Anderson DNF Soumala;

Good; Nikstad DQ Pajtash; Z Anderson

Heat 2 (8 laps) Follett; Bassa; Smith; ; Christman; B Zembo; T Zembo DQ

Johnson; Lonetto

Heat 3 (8 laps): J Madsen; Engelmeier; Dammer; Blom; Oswskey; S

Udeen DNF J Hammitt DQ Androsky; Keeler

Pure Stock make up feature from June 24 (15 laps) S Udeen; Follett; M

Madsen; J Madsen; Korte; Androsky; Christman; Smith; J Hammitt;

Johnson; Lonetto; B Zembo; Pajtash; T Zembo DNF Nikstad; Bassa; Z

Anderson; C Carlson; Soumala; Good; Oswskey; Keeler DNS: A Udeen;

T Carlson DQ: Blom

Steve Rivord, Sr. Memorial Super Stock Feature (9 laps reverse

direction) Lawrence; Olson; Cooper; Flynn; Kern; Iverson; Heikkinen;

Malecki; Carlson DNF: Oliver; Rivord; Bellefeuille; Grymala; Burdick;

Wilson; Lofdahl