Qualifying heat races in all divisions took place first to set the

feature lineups. A pair of Midwest Modifieds heats went to Matt Leer

and Skeeter Estey, the three Super Stock heats were won by Kevin

Burdick, Dave Flynn and Cory Casari. The Pure Stock heat winners

were Matt Madsen, Ashley Smith and Jon Hammitt.

Qualifying for the 30 lap Como Modified Series feature always

follows a set formula. First there are five heat races from which the top

four advance to the main event and the top two advance to the pole dash.

Then there are a pair of B Features to qualify two more to make 24

starters. Finally there is a provisional starter who is the highest driver in

the point standings who does not qualify for the main event through a

heat or B Feature. Lastly, the pole dash is an eight lap 10 car dash that

pays $200 to the winner and $100 to the second place driver, but more

importantly, sets the first five rows of the feature. Positions in the Dash

are drawn by numbered frisbees placed on the front stretch.

Como Modified Series heat winners were Jeff Hart, Brent Larson,

Scott Miller, Al Uotinen and Jayme Lautigar. B Features went to Darrell

Nelson and Kevin Adams and Eric Pember won the Dash which put him

on the pole alongside second place finisher Al Uotinen.

The first main event of the evening was for the Midwest Modifieds

with Deven Van House and Dan Larsen leading the way. Van House

jumped out to the lead shadowed by Skeeter Estey from the second row.

The start of the 15 lap adventure sputtered as the first caution flag flew

when Scott Herrick and Larsen clashed. The field was reset, the green

flag flew and the result was the same, another caution flag for Matt Leer

who ended up facing backwards. It was restart, repeat as no laps were

complete. Van House again got the lead over Estey while Herrick and

Larsen skirmished for third. Estey began to cut into Van House's lead as

Leer found his way past the skirmishers into third. Estey ran down Van

House on the front stretch and completed the pas off turn two. Estey

raced off to a huge lead as the battle for second intensified between Leer,

Van House, Herrick and George Dalbeck. The rest of the laps unreeled

without incident and Estey claimed his 15th feature of the season and

fourth at AMSOIL Speedway. Van House held off Leer for the runner

up spot, Dalbeck was fourth and Herrick finished fifth.

Next up was the 20 lap Super Stock feature which started out much

like the preceding event. Super Stock rookie Shawn Rivord started on

the pole and shot out to the lead as it was three wide between Andy

Grymala, Robbie Cooper and Mike Bellefeuille. Rivord was caught by

the trio and trouble ensued. Rivord was spun out and Bellefeuille was

sent to the rear for the infraction. With no laps complete, the restart was

set and before a lap could be turned, Jim Campbell hit the third turn wall

bringing out the yellow flag again. This time the attempt at another lap

saw Cooper steal the point and Dave Flynn find his way to second.

Again yellow lights flashed when a pair of cars tangled in turn two. The

field was set and Cooper and Flynn went at it for the lead. Behind

themthere was a scramble for position involving Jeff Tardy, Grymala

and Donnie Lofdahl. Cooper lost control in turn four while leading

resulting in a caution period as there were now two laps complete. At the

restart Flynn grabbed the lead with Tardy breathing down his neck.

Grymala, Burdick and Lofdahl ran in the top five. Shortly after Tardy

wrestled the point away from Flynn, there was yet another caution

period negating the pass. The frustration level was apparently high and

intensified when Cooper and Al Rapp tangled in turn two. Officials

apparently had enough and restarted the field single file but even that

took two tries as Justin Iverson got turned around. This caution flag

proved to be the last as the event finished with green flag racing to the

checkered flag. Tardy came home with his first feature win of the season

at the speedway over Grymala who had a strong run to finish second.

Burdick, Flynn and Lofdahl held on to spots in the top five.

The much anticipated 30 lap feature for the WISSOTA Como

Modified Series Modifieds finally rolled onto the speedway. Pole sitter

Eric Pember took the lead over Al Uotinen at the outset with Brandon

Jensen third, Trent Follmer fourth and Jayme Lautigar fifth. Jensen was

then joined by Mike Anderson and Dave Cain and the trio went three

wide for third. There was action in turn four which brought out the

caution flag with four laps recorded. The next restart sputtered and yet

another try was lined up. This time it went a little smoother as Pember

bolted aaway from the pack and extended his lead chased by Follmer,

Uotinen, Cain and Anderson. Lurking in sixth was Joey Jensen who had

started 20th and was already just outside the top five. Uotinen and

Anderson skirmished for fourth as Joey Jensen joined up and made it a

battle. Cain grabbed second and Joey Jensen got by Uotinen for fourth

and Tim McMann closed up in sixth. Cain took a shot at Pember and got

the lead as Anderson moved to third. Joey Jensen worked on Pember for

third and muscled by as, ahead, Anderson was gaining ground on Cain

while Joey Jensen edged closer to Anderson. Cain reached the back of

the pack and began to work his way through traffic which was heavy at

times. Anderson pulled to within four car lengths of Cain. In heavy

traffic Anderson moved alongside Cain and, with a pair of circuits

remaining, rumbled past and into the record book for his first career

Como Modified Series feature win. Rounding out the top five behind

Anderson were Cain, Joey Jensen, Pember and Follmer. Cain's second

place run was enough for him to retain the points lead and a shot at the

$10,000 first prize. Joey Jensen's stellar run from 20th to third earned

him the Hard Charger award.

The final event of the evening was 15 laps for the Pure Stocks, an

event whose outcome would surprise some, please many others and set a


Dustin Follett started on the pole next to the improving Dale

Soumala and move quickly to the lead as Ashley Smith took third ahead

of Matt Madsen and Steve Udeen. Follett raced out to a huge lead which

was erased due to a caution flag. Follett again took the point at the green

chased by Smith, Jon Hammitt, Josh Johnson, Tim Carlson and Andy

Udeen. Again the caution lights blinked on as Johnson turned around in

turn two. At the half way point Follett led Smith, J Hammitt, S Udeen,

Carlson and Justin Bassa. Follett began to pull away from Smith who

was running a strong second. Another caution flag slowed the action and

suddenly Follett dived into the pits with a flat tire turning over the lead

to Smith. Now it was up to her to keep it. Smith got the jump at the

green as A Udeen, J Hammitt and Carlson battled for second. Smith

pulled away by ten car lengths and seemed to be in control until a pair of

cars locked bumpers in turn one and the huge lead was gone. At the

green flag Smith, undaunted, pulled away under the

green/white/checkered ending for her first career feature win. With the

heat win it was a sweep and Ashley Smith became the first ever female

feature winner in the long history of the speedway. Carlson, Steve

Udeen, Bassa and Matt Hammitt finished in the top five.

Results Race #4 Como Oil & Propane Modified Series (AMSOIL

Speedway) 7-12-11

Como Modified Series Modifieds (39 cars)

Feature (30 laps) Mike Anderson Colfax, WI; Dave Cain Corcoran,

MN;Joey Jensen Forest Lake, MN; Eric Pember Pittsville, WI; Trent

Follmer Princeton, MN; Al Uotinen Superior; Tim McMann Duluth;

Claytom Wagamon Blane, MN: E. J. Hietala Cloquet; Brent Larson

Lake Elmo, MN; Kelly Estey Kelly Lake; Ryan Aho Chisholm; Brandon

Jensen Forest Lake; Jeff Spacek Phillips; Duane Dale Aurora; Kevin

Eder Ashland; Jad Carlson Duluth; Steve Stuart Ashland DNF: Bob

Broking Grand Rapids; Darrell Nelson hermantown; Jody bellefeuille

Duluth; Jayme Lautigar Gilbert; Jeff Hart Hibbing; Scott Miller Rice

Lake, WI; Kevin Adams Cameron, WI

Heat 1 (10 laps): Hart, Follmer, McMann, Stuart, Nick Lavato Superior;

John Carpenter Hibbing; DNF Nelson, Broking

Heat 2 (10 laps): Larson, B Jensen, Bellefeuille, Wagamon, Adams,

Destin Lorimor Superior; Bill Byholm Glidden, WI DNF Eder

Heat 3 (10 laps): Miller, Pember, Aho, J Jensen, Don Shaw Ham Lake,

MN DNF Spacek, Rick Rivord, Superior, John Schulke Bemidji, MN

Heat 4 (10 laps): Uotinen, Anderson, Hietala, Estey, Johnny Broking

Grand Rapids, Rick Niemi Virginia, MN DNF: Craig Thatcher Knapp,


Heat 5 (10 laps): (Top two advance) Lautigar, Cain, Dale, Carlson, Jesse

Glenz Cadotte, WI; Pat Cook Washburn; Cory Sersha Eveleth

B Main #1 (10 laps): Nelson, Eder, Lavato,Lorimor, cook, Sersha DNS:

Thatcher, Glenz

B Main #2 (10 laps): (top two advance) Adams, Spacek, Byholm,

Rivord, Carpenter, J Broking, Niemi, Schulke DNS: B Broking

Pole Dash (8 laps): Pember, Uotinen, B Jensen, Follmer, Lautigar,

Anderson, Cain, Hart, Miller, Larson

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (11 cars)

Feature (15 laps): Skeeter estey Kelly Lake; Deven Van House Silver

Bay, MN; Matt Leer Bruce, WI; George Dalbeck Ironwood, MI; Scott

Herrick Proctor; Dan Kingsley Superior; Jeff Pohjonen Duluth; Dan

Larsen Hermantown DNF: Zene Anderson; Rick Przybylski Ashland;

Jeff Lien, Jr. Mora, MN

Heat 1 (8 laps): Leer; Herrick; Dalbeck; Przybylski; Kingsley

Heat 2 (8 laps): Estey; Larsen; Van House; Pohjonen DNS Lien, Jr.

WISSOTA Super Stock (20 cars)

Feature (20 laps) Jeff Tardy Hibbing; Andy Grymala Superior; Kevin

Burdick Hibbing; Dave Flynn Superior; Donnie Lofdahl Proctor; Shawn

Rivord South Range, WI; Scott Lawrence Superior; Cory Casari

Montreal, WI; Keith Kern Superior; Joe Olson Superior; Ronnie Malecki

Superior; Cody Carlson Superior; Al Rapp Saginaw; Justin Iverson

Saginaw DNF:Robbie Cooper Superior; Mike Bellefeuille Duluth;

Trevor Wilson Superior; Jim Campbell Two Harbors; Shane Kisling

Sarona, WI DQ: Zach Wohlers Hibbing

Heat 1 (8 laps) Burdick, Cooper, Rivord, Carlson, Lofdahl DNF:

Malecki, Kisling

Heat 2 (8 laps): Flynn; Grymala; Tardy; Campbell; Wohlers; Iverson;


Heat 3 (8 laps): Casari; Bellefeuille; Kern; Lawrence; Wilson Rapp

Pure Stocks (24 cars)

Feature (15 laps): Ashley Smith South Range; Tim Carlson Superior;

Steve Udeen Superior; Justin Bassa Hermantown; Matt Hammitt

Cloquet; Jeff Christman Superior; Dave Androsky Superior; Andy

Udeen Superior; Dustin Follett Cloquet; Zene Anderson Superior; Corey

Lonetto Superior; Rita Anderson Superior; Ed Dammer Hermantown;

Matt Madsen Superior DNF: Tim Osweskey; Justin Madsen; Jon

Hammitt; Brody Zembo Superior; Brent Good Superior; Josh Johnson

Superior; Caitlyn Carlson Superior; Dale Soumala Duluth; Chad Nikstad

Superior DQ: Jeff Engelemeier Saginaw

Heat 1 (8 laps) M Madsen; Follett; Soumala; Carlson; Lonetto, Dammer;

R Anderson; Carlson

Heat 2 ( 8 laps): Smith; Z Anderson; A Udeen; Oswskey; Good DNF

Engelmeier DQ: J Madsen

Heat 3 (8 laps): J Hammitt; Nikstad; Johnson; Bassa; M Hammit DQ S

Udeen; Christman; Zembo