First three qualifying heats were run for the Pure Stock division, this

for the weekly program. They were won by Matt Madsen, Jeff

Christman and Steve Udeen. Immediately after these races, the first

make up feature for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds from May27

took to the track. Deven Van House took the early lead from the pole in

the 15 lap affair and drove out to a big lead over Jeff Pohjonen, Lance

Solem and Neil Balduc. On the move from the fifth row was Skeeter

Eestey who was in third place by the half way mark. Estey got by Scott

Herrick who was running second at this point and began to close in on

Van House. With four laps remaining Estey had caught Van House and

nipped him at the line at the checkered flag for the win. Van House,

Herick, Balduc and Jorgenson rounded out the top five.

The second make up feature was 20 laps for the WISSOTA Super

Stocks. The first try at a start saw a spin in turn one, then next try moved

the wreck to turn four, another try saw more wrecking in turn one, a

clash between Scott Lawrence and Mike Bellefeuille that sent Lawrence

to the rear to restart in 19th place. The fourth try was the charm and Dave

Flynn grabbed the point as Kevin Burdick battled with Nick Oreskovich

just ahead of Andy Davey and Jeff Tardy. Flynn held a four car length

lead but the caution flag again appeared when Brian Carl looped the

#32F. Flynn maintained the lead at the green over Burdick, Oreskovich,

Bellefeuille and Davey. Meanwhile Lawrence was knifing through the

field passing cars in bunches and had reached sixth place. He then began

to work his way past the top five using an outside move to pass the final

pair in front of him for the win. It was Lawrence's 70th career feature win

at the speedway and 18th in the Super Stock division. Oreskovich got by

Flynn for second, Burdick finished fourthh and Bellefuille fifth.

Then it was time for the May 27th make up main event for the

WISSOTA Late Models with veterans Don Copp and Tim McMann on

the front row. McMann grabbed the lead but the caution flag flew when

Chris Olson spun in turn three. On the restart Copp got the gump and

shot to the lead with McMann, Aaron Lillo, Darin Meierotto and caley

Emerson close behind. Copp slipped high in turn one and McMann

slipped through to the lead while Meierotto took advantage and took

second. Darrell Nelson and Copp Battled for third and 11th starting Todd

Gehl was fifth. On lap eight Meierotto made an inside move on

McMann, took the lead and raced out to a straight away lead by the half

way point. Nelson had taken second and tried to cut into Meierotto's

huge lead. With five circuits remaining Meierotto began to encounter

lapped cars. Meirotto took the win over Nelson, McMann, Gehl and


Next up was the 20 lap May 27 Makeup feature. Destin Lorimor led

briefly from the pole but Ryan Aho came from row two to take over at

the front. The red flag appeared when Bill Byholm's #4 climbed the

third turn wall and landed between it and the catch fence giving the fans

an up close and personal look at a Modified. Byholm was not hurt nor

were any fans and Byholm was able to start the weekly feature later.

Only one lap was complete as the field restarted after Byholm's car was

extracted and it was Aho who continued to lead over Lorimor, Rick

Rivord, Scott Hudack and Kelly Estey. Estey was on the move and soon

raced into second with Joey Jensen lurking in fifth. Aho and Estey

battled for the lead just ahead of a three car skirmish for third between

Hudack, Rivord and Jensen. Darrell Nelson soon joined this skirmish as

Jason Miller arrived in sixth. Hudack dropped off the pace and retired as

the mid point was reached. Estey got by Aho for the lead and the order at

this point was Estey, Aho, Jensen, Nelson and Miller. Jensen disposed

Aho and moved up to harass Estey for the lead. The pair battled back

and fourth and, on the white flag lap, Jensen made a strong outside move

in turn three and the two drag raced toward the checkered flag. In a near

photo finish Estey was declared the victor by the narrowest of margins.

Nelson, Aho and Jody Bellefeuille rounded out the top five.

Qualifying heats were then run in all WISSOTA Divisions to set the

feature events for the weekly scheduled show. The first feature to take to

the track was the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds with 16 cars set to start

the 15 lap race. Cody Wolkowski jumped to the lead from the outside

pole ahead of Lance Solem while George Dalbeck and Deven Van

House battled for third. With a pair of laps recorded the caution flag flew

for Andy Nelson's spin. The restart saw Wolkowski back to the lead

over Dalbeck as Jason Vandekamp move into third ahead of Solem.

Dalbeck nipped Wolkowski for the lead as Vandekamp charged past

Solem and Wolkowski into third. Dalbeck moved out to a big lead over

Vandekamp with six laps to go and Skeeter Estey arrived in fifth. With

three laps remaining Vandekamp was eight car lengths back of Dalbeck

but time ran out and Dalbeck won his second feature in a row at the

Speedway. Vandekamp finished second over Estey, a strong Jeff

Pohjonen and Van House.

20 laps was the distance for the WISSOTA Super Stock feature.

Shane Kisling took the lead from the outside pole just ahead of a

scrimmage between Kevin Burdick, Zach Wohlers and Mike Bellefeuille

for second. Jeff Tardy moved to fourth and Dave Read charged to fifth.

All the claose racing behind him enabled kisling to move out to a huge

lead. Burdick and Tardy battled for second and Tardy took the position.

Kisling had about a dozen car lengths over Tardy as the ten lap half way

point was reached. Third was Burdick, fourth was Read and Scott

Lawrence was fifth. Al lap past the mid point the first caution flag

appeared and Kisling's lead had evaporated. Kisling still had the

measure of the field at the green flag and Burdick reclaimed second from

Tardy while Lawrence was running fourth. Zach Wohlers was on the

move after sliding back from the pole position and was now back to

fifth. With five to go the second and final caution flag flew when Max

Dondelinger spun at the exit of turn two. The race went green the rest of

the way with Kisling taking a flag to flag win over Tardy, Burdick,

Lawrence and Wohlers.

The WISSOTA Late Models fielded 18 cars for their 25 lap feature

with Jeff Provinzino towing Aaron Lillo, Kyle Peterlin, Darin Meierotto

and Brady Smith in the top five. Meierotto move into second and blew

by Provinzino in turn three for the lead. Lillo ran second and Provinzino

and Smith battled for third. Peterlin and Darrell Nelson raced for fourth

as Smith broke loose and raced into second. Meierotto had a near

straight away lead as the laps flew by with not caution flags. Smith

began the task of slowly reeling in Meierotto with 15 laps remaining.

Lillo was third and Todd Gehl, Peterlin and Nelson raced for position

closing up on Lillo in a scramble for the position. Up front Meierotto

was lapping cars and was in heavy traffic. Smith couldn't seem to make

much headway as Meierotto maintained his lead despite the traffic. The

race went to the checkered flag with no caution flags and Meierotto won

his second feature of the night. Smith, Nelson, Peterlin and Lillo finished

in the top five.

Nick Lavato was quick on the throttle at the start of the 20 lap

WISSOTA Modified feature and got the jump on the field. Steve

Lavasseur pulled up to second ahead of Al Uotinen, Ryan Aho, Kelly

Estey and Jason Miller. Lavato and Uotinen pulled away from Lavasseur

in third as Uotinen overtook Lavato for the lead. Uotinen had just begun

lapping cars when the first caution flag appeared for the spin of Scott

Heikkinen in turn two. The restart saw Uotinen lead Estey while Nelson

moved past Lavato to third but the caution lights blinked on again for the

spin of Rick Niemi. Uotinen was able to pull out five car lengths on

Estey and Nelson who were locked in battle for second. Moving forward

from the fifth row was Joey Jensen into fourth while Miller and Jody

Bellefeuille who had started at the back of the field after pulling out of

his heat, was battling for fifth. Uotinen was able to pull a little distance

on the squabble for second between Estey, Jensen and Nelson. Jensen

won the skirmish for second and closed on Uotinen nipping him for the

lead on the next to last lap. Jensen was the winner over Uotinen Nelson,

Estey and Bellefeuille.

The final feature of the evening was for the Pure Stocks. Several

caution flags slowed the action and when an incident that would have

been the sixth stoppage, it was decided to display the caution flag and

the checkered flag a couple of laps short of the scheduled 15. Steve

Udeen led the entire distance from the pole but was harassed the whole

way by Dustin Follett and Ashley Smith. Smith nearly grabbed the lead

on a restart when she was able to get alongside Udeen but was unable to

make the pass. When the checkered flag appeared with the yellow flag

Udeen had a car length on the pair who came across the line in an almost

dead heat for second with Follett getting the position by a bumper over

Smith, Chad Carlson and Justin Madsen in fifth.

Results AMSOIL Speedway 6-10-11 (111 cars)

First Make up feature from May 27

Midwest Modified 15 Laps: Skeeter Estey Kelly Lake, MN; Deven Van

House Silver Bay, MN; Scott Herrick, Proctor, MN; Neil Balduc

Bessemer, MI; Jeff Pohjonen Duluth, MN; Cod Wolkowski Thunder

Bay, Ontario; George Dalbeck Ironwood, MI; Dan Kingsley Superior;

Andy Nelson Watertown, MN; Jeff Lien, Jr. Mora, MN; Lance Solem


WISSOTA Super Stock make up feature from May 27 20 Laps: Scott

Lawrence Superior; Nick Oreskovich Mason, WI; Dave Flynn Superior;

Kevin Burdick Hibbing, MN; Mike Bellefeuille Duluth; Andy Davey

Hibbing; Jeff Tardy Hibbing; Donnie Lofdahl Proctor; Trevor Wilson

Superior; Jim Campbell Two Harbors, MN; Ronnie Malecki Superior;

Andy Grymala Superior; Keith Kern Superior; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth,

MN; Cody Carlson Superior; Al Rapp Saginaw, MN; Justin Iverson

Saginaw; Brian Carl Duluth; Shane Kisling Sarona, WI; Brad Kisling

Rice Lake, WI; Joe Olson Superior; Shaun Rivord Superior; Robbie

Cooper Superior; Lance Schilling; Willy Johnsen Superior

WIISSOTA Late Model Make up feature from May 27: Darin Meierotto

Superior; Darrell Nelson Hermantown, MN; Todd Gehl Solon Springs,

WI; Don Copp Brule, WI; Aaron Lillo Duluth; Harry Hanson Eveleth;

Caley Emerson Forest Lake, MN; Jeff Provinzino Hibbing; Cory

Jorgenson Hermantown; Terry Lillo Duluth; Gregg Hill Hibbing; Kevin

Carlson Hermantown; Dustin Lunde Proctor; Chris Olson Hibbing; Kyle

Peterlin Hibbing; T.J. Adams Hayward, WI; Steve Laursen cumberland,

WI; Pat Doar New Richmond, WI

WISSOTA Modified Make Up feature from 5-27: Kelly Estey Kelly

Lake, MN; Joey Jensen Forest Lake; Darrell Nelson Hermantown; Ryan

Aho Chisholm, MN; Jody Bellefeuille Duluth; Jason Gross; Rick rivord

Superior; Al Uotinen Superior; Steve Lavasseur River Falls, WI; Alan

Hartel Superior; Wayne Stricker Highbridge, WI; Jayme Lautigar

Gilbert, MN; Pat Cook Washburn, WI; Pat Heikkinen Eveleth; Scott

Hudack Ashland, WI; Bill Byholm Glidden, WI

WISSOTA Midwest Modified 6-10-11, 15 laps: (16 cars) George

Dalbeck; Jason Vandekamp; Skeeter Estey; Jeff Pohjonen; Deven Van

House; Cody Wolkowski Thunder Bay, Ontario; Glen Dammer; Lance

Solem; Dan Kingsley; Neil Balduc; Dan Larsen; Andy Nelson; Don

Craig; Scott Herrick; Kevin Montieth; Jeff Lien,jr

Heat 1 (8 laps): Dalbeck, Estey, Pohjonen, Vandekamp; Kingsley,

Nelson. Balduc. Lien, Jr

Heat 2 (8 laps): Wolkowski, Solem; Van House, Dammer, Kevin

Montieth Thunder Bay, Larsen, Herrick, Craig

WISSOTA Super Stock Feature 6-10-11 (20 Laps): Shane Kisling; Jeff

Tardy; Kevin Burdick; Scott Lawrence; Zach Wohlers; Dave flynn;

Dave Read; Nick Oreskovich; Andy Grymala; Jim Campbell; Andy

Davey; Cody Carlson; Donnie Lofdahl; Max Dondilinger; Trevor

Wilson; Pat Heikkinen; Ronnie Malecki; Keith Kern; Al Rapp; Justin

Iverson; Brad Kisling; Trevor Arens; Mike Bellefeuille, Brian Carl;

Shawn Rivord; Joe Olson; Robbie Cooper

Heat 1: (8 laps): Read; Wohlers; Davey; Flynn; Campbell; Carl; Iverson;

Rivord; Olson

Heat 2: (8 laps): S. Kisling; Oreskovich; Lawrence; Wilson; Grymala;

Kern; Arens; Heikkinen; Lofdahl

Heat 3: (8 laps): Bellefeuille; tardy; Burdick; Dondelinger; Malecki; B.

Kisling; Carlson; Rapp; Cooper

WISSOTA Modified (19 cars) Feature 20 laps: Joey Jensen; Al Uotinen;

Darrell Nelson; Kelly Estey; Jody Bellefeuille; Jason Miller; EJ Heitala;

Rick Rivord; Nick Lavato; Bill Byholm; Jad Carlson; Jason Swan; Alan

Hartel; Steve Lavasseur; Paul Schultz; Pat Cook; Scott Heikkinen;

Destin Lorimor; Scott Hudack; Rick Niemi; Jyame Lautigar; Wayne


Heat 1: (10 laps): Nelson, Rivord, Uotinen, Miller, Swan,

Lautigar,Hudack, Bellefeuille

Heat 2: (10 Laps): Lavato, Aho, Lavasseur, Cook, Heitala, Lorimor,

Schultz, Niemi

Heat 3: (10 laps): Jensen, Estey, Stricker, Carlson, hArtel, Heikkinen,


WISSOTA Late Model (19 cars) Feature (25 Laps): Meierotto, Smith,

Nelson, Peterlin, A. Lillo, Hanson, Gehl, Hill, McMann, Olson, Kobs,

Emerson, Jorgenson, T. Lillo; K. Carlson, Lunde, Copp, Provinzino,


Heat 1: (10 laps): Meierotto, Emerson, Provinzino, Nelson, HANson,

Hill, Copp, Olson, Budiaslovich, T. Lillo

Heat 2: (10 laps): Gehl, Smith, Peterlin, A. Lillo, Kobs, Jorgenson,

McMann, Carlson, Lunde

Pure Stock Feature 15 laps (26 cars): Steve Udeen; Dustin Follett;

Ashley Smith; Chad Carlson; Justin Madsen; Justin Bassa; Corey

Lonetto; Jeff Christman; Matt Madsen; Josh Johnson; Travis Zembo;

Andy Udeen; Ed Dammer; Zene Anderson; Tim Oswskey; Jon Hammitt;

Chad Nikstad; Tim Carlson; Joe Pajtash; Dale Soumala; Brent Good;

Jack Sigafus; DJ Keeler; David Androsky; Alex Hart

Heat 1: (8 laps): M Madsen, Carlson, M Hammitt, Bassa, Follett,

Dammer, Good, Pajtash, Keeler

Heat 2: (8 laps): Christman, T Carlson, Hart, Zembo, J Madsen, J

Hammitt, Oswskey, Sigafus, Androsky

Heat 3: (8 laps): S Udeen, A Udeen, Smith, Suomala, Johnson, Lonetto,